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QuickCAD V2.1.3For all situations with limited internet access QuickCad V2.1.1 is now also available as offline version.
- Generation of 3D CAD models in 32 file formats
- Runs without installation

Please note:
You need the free JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) on your desktop computer for the 2D-, 3D-Viewer and the Direct-Insert Option (Click2CAD).
Minimum required JAVA version is: Java Version 7 Update 51
You can download JAVA here.
620573 KB
NewDryLin® Linear Slide TablesDryLin® slide tables use iglide® self-lubricating plastic liners
05/2014 - English
1428 KB
NewNews 2014 | xiros®
04/2014 - English

20933 KB
NewChainflex 2014Chainflex® Motion Cables® 2014 Catalog
01/2014 - English
21039 KB
e-chain® expert systemE-Chain® Expert System with cable selection. Complete Energy Chain Systems® with service life calculation and configuration
09/2013 - German,English,Spanish,French
16106 KB
drylin® Expert 2.0Find the right linear bearing in 4 simple steps. Choosing drylin® linear bearings has never been so easy.
09/2013 - German,English,Spanish,French
10335 KB
NewPlastic Bearingsiglide® plain bearings, DryLin® linear systems, igubal® spherical bearings
01/2013 - English
32340 KB
Newiglide® ClipFor sheet-metal applications
11/2012 - English
147 KB
Newiglide® A200FDA-compliant
11/2012 - English
345 KB
Newiglide® G300The all-around performer
11/2012 - English
645 KB
Newiglide® JThe fast-and-slow motion specialist
11/2012 - English
390 KB
Newiglide® QHigh strength for high loads
11/2012 - English
307 KB
Newiglide® GLWFor mass-production applications
11/2012 - English
270 KB
Newiglide® H370High performance for wet environments
11/2012 - English
262 KB
Newiglide® JVSI, JVSM, JVFM, JVFIPre-tensioned, no clearance
11/2012 - English
216 KB
Newiglide® L280The marathon runner
11/2012 - English
502 KB
Newiglide® M250The thick and rugged performer
11/2012 - English
577 KB
Newiglide® overview and design guide
11/2012 - English
517 KB
Newiglide® PCost-effective and maintenance-free
11/2012 - English
296 KB
Newiglide® RThe low-cost alternative to bronze bearings
11/2012 - English
340 KB
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