Energy Chain® Cable Carriers

Guide and protect moving cables and hoses on automated machinery

Energy Chain® cable carriers (also known as cable track) are the umbilical cord of modern machines. They minimize downtime, protect, support and extend the service life of cables and hoses.

From the smallest ‘micro’ Energy Chain® to the world's largest polymer Energy Chain®, igus® cable carriers are capable of long and short travel distances at high speeds in all axes.

News 2015

Universal energy supply systems for every movement: more stable, opens faster, quieter, lighter and many more...

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Energy Chain® Online Shop

Find information, select and order online. Information about Energy Chain®, easy selection and ordering online.

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Energy Chain® Expert System

Simply enter your application parameters in the Energy Chain® expert system to receive a proposal for a matching solution

Energy Chain® Expert System


Product finder for Energy Chains® with up to 42.65 feet of travel. Here you can find and configure quickly and easily the right Energy Chains® for unsupported applications with up to 42.65 feet of travel.

Product finder for Energy Chains® up to 42.65 feet.

Service life calculator

Calculate online Find out how long an Energy Chain® cable carrier will last in your application.

Service life calculator


New series issued regularly! Faster and simpler construction with file formats for various systems.

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E-Z Chain®

Quick fill cable carrier Access cables quickly without opening and closing lids. Push in and pull out cables and hoses through a flexible opening along the length of the cable carrier.

Quick fill cable carriers

Zipper Chain

Quick fill cable carrier Lids can be quickly unzipped like a zipper. The cable carrier lids can be separated at each cable carrier link.

Zipper Energy Chain® cable carriers

E2 micro & E2 mini

Small & medium size cable carriers 2 parts per link maximum. Easy installation. Many connection options. Long service life. High stability.

Small and medium cable carriers

E2 medium, E2/000

Quick open cable carriers Snap-open mechanism. Cable carriers opens to the left or the right. Half-enclosed tube option available.

Quick open cable carriers

E2 tubes

Dirt-proof cable carriers These fully enclosed cable carriers protect cables and hoses from chips and flying debris.

E2 fully-enclosed energy tubes

System E4

Robust cable carriers Wide number of modular options. Opens on both sides. Can run side-mounted over travels 650 ft and more.

System E4 cable carriers

Systems E6

Quiet cable carrier These low-vibration cable carriers operate extremely quietly: up to 38 dB(A). High speeds and accelerations possible.

System E6 cable carrier

Triflex® R, Triflex®, E-Z Triflex®, TwisterChain®

Multi-axis cable carriers Multi-axis cable carriers for circular 3D movements in robotic applications and beyond.

Multi-axis cable carriers

Guide troughs & strain-reliefs

Guide troughs to guide Energy Chain® cable carriers over long travels and strain-relief options.

Cable carrier guide troughs & strain-reliefs

PMA corrugated tubing

Protective hoses for continuous-flex cables.

PMA protective hoses

Rol E-Chain®

Rolls instead of glides Long travels and high speeds with loads up to 33.6 lbs/ft are possible with Rol E-Chain®.

Rol E-Chain® overview

About Energy Chain® cable carriers

Important guidelines for consideration when designing safe Energy Chain Systems®.

Designing with igus® cable carriers


Design advice series Technical articles answering your most pressing inquiries in-depth.


2014 vector® award

4th worldwide energy supply contest Competition for innovative and challenging energy supply solutions, using plastic Energy Chain Systems® and cables

4th worldwide energy supply contest

Product finder

Answer just two questions... ...and find a suitable solution quickly and easily with the Energy Chain® product finder

Energy Chain® product finder


Downloadable Files Easy-to-use CAD files available in formats for various systems.

3D-CAD files

Interior separator configurator

Drag and drop separators and cables into place to quickly configure your cable carrier.

Cable carrier configurator program

Industry solutions

Different industries need different solutions igus® offers customized support no matter what your application.

Industry solutions

Cost down, life up.

Real world applications See where igus® Energy Chain Systems® have reduced cost and increased performance

Cable carrier application examples
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