Chainflex® Guarantee Program

Chainflex® Guarantee Program  
Guaranteed for 36 months!

This program provides the customer with a guarantee on Chainflex® cables in the current catalog product range (excludes: Chainflex® M – 1 million cycles). In terms of duration, even the shortest igus® guarantee period is longer than the statutory minimum guarantee period which is 12 months. Prerequisite for the guarantee is the operation of the cable within the operating conditions specified for the respective cable series in the catalog.

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Customers have always asked for statements about durability. For over 20 years, we have been conducting tests in what is now the largest test laboratory for cables and Energy Chains®. Thanks to our series of tests, we are now able to offer clear and reliable statements that enable our cable users to plan more effectively with regard to durability and service lives. We confidently offer this guarantee because we conduct over 2.0 billion test strokes and 1.4 million electrical measurements per year. Our customers often have to offer end customers guarantees on their systems in order to show that these are safe and reliable. The end customer’s desire for a guarantee is entirely understandable but means a commercial risk for the system manufacturer. With our guarantee we now offer planning reliability to our customers, the system manufacturers. The guarantee is not the same as a standard guarantee.

More information:

Chainflex® cables - product overview

Chainflex® continuous flex cables have been tested over millions of cycles under extreme conditions across 70 different test stations in our test laboratory.

Chainflex® cables - product overview    

Chainflex® test lab

Currently, 600 tests are conducted in parallel in a 18,840 sq. ft. test lab for flexible cables.

Chainflex® test lab    

* not applicable for the chainflex® M cable product range

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