Self-lubricating and maintenance-free polymer-products in furniture making

igus® polymer products have already proved themselves for years due to the high mechanical strength in many industrial sectors. Plain bearings and energy supply systems made of plastic are suitable particularly in applications dependent on a clean and lubrication-free movement.

Clean finish and weight reduction are often an "obligatory detail" in the furniture and furnishing sector. igus® products are suitable for use, for example, in smooth table pull-outs, as a tidy bearing for rotating and pivoting movements, elegant and secure cable feeds, fine-shaped linear guides for flexible sofa components, variable seat or individual height adjustments.

iF product design award

Many igus® products have been recognized for their outstanding design


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Cable protection and cable guiding in height-adjustable writing desk  
... Cable protection

Stylish cable protection for office, home entertainment and height-adjustable tables

linear guides in furniture  
... Linear guides

For adjustments in linear motion in furniture, e.g. drawers, cupboards, doors or tables...

Office chair with iglide® plain bearings  
... Plain bearings

Maintenance-free, noise-free and self-lubricating bearings in all joints

Application examples for igus® plastic products in furniture

Movable kitchen furniture - Quiet and maintenance-free


Applications in the furniture industry



Self-lubricating - for the life of the part No risk of getting dirty for quality materials or furniture users due to leakage of lubricant

Silent operation and smooth gliding Hardly any running noise through omission of balls and perfectly harmonized polymeric materials

Wide range of sizes and versions Also suitable for very small spaces

Easy, straightforward assembly and cost-effective By the use of lubrication-free high-performance plastics in plain bearings and energy chains as well as anodized aluminum in guide rails

Available from stock Many products in stock, ready for shipment in 24 h


Cable protection systems - attractive for all cable connections

Stylish protection for cables and lines - in the office or at home. The mounting and guidance of electrical cables, for example in electrical adjustments, electronic devices or light sources is an important detail for the safe operation and the matching optics of functional furniture. E-Chain systems® from igus® offer a vast range of products and thus the ideal Energy Chain® for every application - which you can specify with the number of cables that you require.


e-chain® ZF14 - new product


Quick to fill

Aesthetic design

Easy to mount

High service life

E-Z chain®  

E-Z Chain®


Very lightweight and quick to fill

Rotating motions possible

Available with interior separation


triflex® R light


Fast filling

3D movement

High service life

Triflex R  

triflex® R easy

Visual protection

Enclosed and robust

3D movement

High service life

triflex E  

triflex® E easy

Geometric shape

Visual protection

Enclosed and robust

3D movement

High service life

Application examples for igus® cable protection systems

Cable protection

With consistent shape yet flexible, Triflex®R energy chains conceal every cable - orderly and neat

Cable protection    

Adjustable speaker’s desk

This height-adjustable design speaker’sdesk is very flexible in its features.

Adjustable speaker’s desk    

Linear guides for adjustments in furniture

The igus® DryLin® linear guides have already proved their worth in the industrial sectors such as medical technology, camera technology or handling and also in the furniture and furnishing sectors. DryLin® linear guide systems offer a shapely finish to linear movements and furniture fittings, e.g. in drawers, shelves, doors or tables.

Linear plain bearing

The advantages:

Freedom from lubrication - a long life!

No danger from oil stains for materials like wood, leather and textile ... and for the furniture user

Silent run and smooth gliding

Scarcely any running noise as there are no balls in operation

Suited for even the smallest installation spaces

Lightweight by the use of aluminum and plastic as glide pad

Delivery: ex-stock

DryLin® W hybrid bearing  
Hybrid linear bearings for an easy and quiet sliding motion

The unique combination of roller and plain bearings in a compact bearing housing is suitable for all kinds of door and drawer adjustments up to 110 lbs, in furniture making, among others, for wardrobe systems plus movements in the seat and backrest element area, in store construction for innovative shelving concepts and in lighting technology for customized positioning of lights.

Application examples for igus® linear guides

Table with transverse pull-out tray

Linear plain bearings in the transverse pull-out tray of a wooden table top.

Table with transverse pull-out tray    

Screen lifter for large displays

Lifting heavy loads

Screen lifter for large displays    

Plain bearings for rotating and pivoting movements

iglide® plastic plain bearings,

Absolutely clean and silent plain bearing made of plastic for easy movements in joints. iglide® plain bearings are at home in every rotation, in every swing, wherever bearing points constitute the heart of the movement. Many installation sizes, many designs, many materials ... igus® offers a complete kit for your applications ... heavy duty, lightweight and absolutely self-lubricant.

Plastic Bearings

Freedom from lubrication - a long life!

Many dimensions and various materials

Lightweight and low priced

Delivery: ex-stock

Polymer slewing rings

iglide® PRT for rotary movements




For high loads and low to medium surface speeds

Application examples for igus® plain bearings


Once it‘s dark, these sunshades can be folded open and illuminated for a nice ambiance.


Adjustable arm chairs

The armrests of this chair are adjustable, to accommodate the needs of the individual user.

Adjustable arm chairs    

Even more products for use in the furniture industry, cabinetry or industrial design

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