autoglide - special solutions for long travels without trough guides

Long travel distances always pose special requirements on an e-chain system®. From a certain point, the upper run needs the potential to glide on the lower run or on glide bars. Moreover the e-chain system® requires guidance's to prevent a lateral offset. In most cases this is ensured by a guide trough. There are also applications in which a guide trough is not required due to optical or spatial conditions. In order to cover this gap, igus® developed the autoglide system in 1995. autoglide are self-aligning e-chains®, which can dispense with guide troughs up to 164 ft travel. You save purchase and installation costs and can keep tracks in the hall free for forklifts or industrial trucks.

For travels up to 263 ft.

For travel speeds up to 8.2 ft/s

autoglide chain links of one piece, no additional parts required

Very fast installation times for long travels

Guide troughs not required!

Narrow installation width, quiet operation

Functional guarantee for the entire system with chainflex® cables


1. Practical: traversable floor guide
2. Reliable tracking : Assembled gliding tab feeds the e-chain®
3. Smooth operation: Offset tracking of upper and lower run
4. Guided reliably: Comb-like autoglide crossbars
5. Versatile: KMA circumferential mounting

The autoglide system:
E4.1 autoglide  

For E4-1 e-chains®

Special snap-open crossbars in the inner radius of the e-chains® with injection-molded autoglide sprockets for almost all E4-1 series.

E2/000 autoglide  

For E2/000 e-chains®

Special opening crossbars with injection molded autoglide teeth. Snap-open along the inner radius

autoglide E-Z chain® e-chains®  

For E-Z Chain® e-chains®

Combination of the easily fillable E-Z Chain® and injection-molded AUTOGLIDE sprockets in the inner radius.

autoglide classic series:

Series AG200

Inner width Bi: 57 mm
Bend radii R: 55 - 250 mm
Pitch: 46 mm

autoglide E2000 classic  

Classic version series 2000 e-chains®

For e-chainsystem® E2 up to 35mm inner height.

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