Maintenance-free polymer products in construction machinery

Resistant to vibrations, low temperatures and dirt -

igus® plastic solutions for the construction machinery industry.

In the construction machinery industry, components of machines and equipment are especially exposed to high degrees of stress. All components must be designed for maximum availability so that construction machinery operates reliably without downtime.
igus® supplies plastic solutions for cable protection and cable guidance, cables for highly dynamic continuous movement and bearing technology for the construction machinery industry for your sector. We test all products in realistic conditions in the largest test laboratory of its kind in Cologne. More than 200,000 customers worldwide place their trust in plastic solutions from igus®.

... Solutions from igus®

The advantages of igus® products for the construction machinery industry

Vibration resistant energy supplies

Energy chains for construction machinery  
Reliable when exposed to vibrations and dirt

Plastic energy chains with inner heights of up to 350 mm and a fill weight of up to 403 lbs/ft.

Resistant to shocks and vibration

Resistant to many construction materials and so on, for example, bentonite

Highest loads up to 403 lbs/ft

Resistant to corrosion and UV radiation

No easily lost parts such as screws, bolts or rivets

Know-how from igus® specialists, e.g. for angled travel paths

Cold-flexible, long-lasting cables

Cables for construction machinery  
Reliable in cold & frost

Highly flexible chainflex® cables for outdoor applications with TPE outer jacket.

Flexible down to -40 °F, UV-resistant, oil resistant

Specifically designed for highly dynamic movements in energy chains

Numerous approvals, e.g. in accordance with UL, EAC, CTP, DNV-GL

36 month guarantee for chainflex® cables (according to igus® specifications)

Dirt resistant bearing

iglide® polymer plain bearings for construction machinery  
Reliable in heavy-duty applications

Dry operation (lubrication-free) bearings for heavy duty applications and dirty environments.

Self-lubricating and insensitive to dirt

Wear resistant with heavy load

Maintenance-free and cost effective


Test in the cold chamber

Vibration test


Benonite test

Design of angled axes


Front loader test stand


Use in construction machinery

igus® is a specialist in the area of plastic research and can look back on 50 years of experience here. Specially developed high-performance materials enable the use of igus® e-chains® and plastic bearings in nearly all areas.
Moisture, dirt, chips, heat, cold - we have the solution for every requirement and we dispense with steel and other metals in our e-chains® materials. In heavy-duty areas, steel systems are increasingly being replaced with igus® plastic e-chains® due to it's exceptional suitability.

Tunnel drilling rig

Tunnel drilling rig  

The erector is supplied with energy by two e-chains® going in opposite directions.

Sea bed drilling rig

Sea bed drilling rig  

Three E4 series e-chains® supply energy to this drilling equipment working 13,000 ft under the sea.

Earth boring device

Earth boring device  

igus® H4 series guides hydraulic hoses reliably in an anchoring drill

Telescopic loader

Telescopic loader  

igus® series 2400 in a telescopic forklift

Latest news relating to construction machinery

middle lugs more weight

With the middle lugs from the E4.1 construction kit now also increase the fill weight for the large E4.112 series by 50%.

middle lugs more weight    

… damped e-chain®.

For applications with maximum vibration loads

… damped e-chain®.    

E4-1 overview

The E4.1 system combines all the benefits of its three predecessors in the E4 range.

E4-1 overview    

e-spool power 25

The motor-driven e-spool for long extension lengths up to 82 ft (164 ft is possible).

e-spool power 25    

56.6, 80,6

Loding notch separators separating crossbars are the solution for secure interior separation

56.6, 80,6    

… good to shafts … in case of heavy duty

iglide® Q290 shows outstanding service life in agricultural and similar heavy duty applications, especially on frequently encountered "soft" shafts (e.g. galvanized).

… good to shafts … in case of heavy duty    

... iglide® TX1 ... stable ...

Heavy duty: iglide® bearings up to 29,010 psi

... iglide® TX1 ... stable ...    

iglide® J bar stock plate

Now as plate material for free design: the fast-and-slow-motion specialist iglide® J.

iglide® J bar stock plate    

… cornering technology

For the product series drylin® W and T igus® provides rail profiles according to customer requirements in a curved shape

… cornering technology    

iglide® PRT slewing rings

iglide® PRT slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction sliding elements in place of ball bearings. They represent a step forward in slewing ring bearing technology.

iglide® PRT slewing rings    

36 month guarantee for chainflex®

With our unique igus® guarantee for ALL chainflex® cables we are providing predictable security for 36 full months

36 month guarantee for chainflex®    

... CAT7-Ethernet... for e-chains®

Bus cables in the Ethernet area are becoming increasinglyimportant.

... CAT7-Ethernet... for e-chains®    

chainflex® CF300 motor cable

for extremely heavy duty, resistant to mineral oil and bio-oils, flame-retardant


chainflex® CF27.D servo cable

for extremely heavy duty, resistant to oil and coolant, flame-retardant


... 40% lighter ...

High energy efficiency thanks to low driving forces and use of lighter e-chains® Conductor cable made of special material CCA

igus® products in cabs of all kinds


1. Monitor adjustment

drylin® curved profile guides  

2. Head-rest adjustment

drylin® W  

3. Steering-column support

drylin JUCM  

4. Steering-column support

iglide® G300  

5. Control element


6. Hydraulic valve connection

igubal® double spherical bearings KDGM  

7. Seat adjustment

e-chain® E2 micro  

8. Armrest adjustment

drylin® N flat guide  

9. Seat-backrest adjustment

drylin® W profile guide  

Examples of application with construction machinery


This drill is used for civil engineering applications.


Mobile drilling machine

This drilling machine is mounted on a trailer and is used to drill holes into concrete or asphalt.

Mobile drilling machine    

Heavy load transporter

Rugged energy chains® are technically and economically the first choice in the construction of an extendable heavy load transporter.

Heavy load transporter    

Vertical drilling machine

The cable carrier on this drilling machine must withstand extreme vibrations and dirt.

Vertical drilling machine    

Rollers on mini excavator

Enhancement of service life, machine availability, stability and carrying capacity by the application of iglide® in rollers on mini excavator.

Rollers on mini excavator    


Difficult environmental conditions such as dirt, lubricants, steel wool and temperatures between -30° and +50°C in particular make maximum demands on energy chains.

Find more application examples

Are you looking for practically tested application examples in a certain industry?
Here you can browse through already implemented applications and filter them according to your specifications.

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Ready-to-install systems, from connectors to assembled cables and complex energy supply systems

Installation service

Installation service  

Housing, design, harnessing, delivery up to complete assembly of energy chains® with all components

Test lab


igus® tribopolymer research: friction, wear and mechatronics – all tested in the igus® laboratory

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