Rol e-chain® cable carriers

Rolls instead of glides

Over the years, energy chain® cable carriers have been used in increasingly longer travels. This drove igus® to develop Rol e-chain®: a cable carrier specifically designed for long travels at high speeds.

Rol E-Chain cable carriers

Roller extension link for higher additional loads and widths up to 6.5 feet.

Rol E-Chain vs. conventional Energy Chain

x1 = Travel, x2 = Chain length, y = Push-pull force as a percentage, A = Rol e-chain®, B = Standard energy chain®. Data: Fill weight 6.72 lbs/ft (10 kg/m)

Long travel cable carriers

1,448-feet travel using igus® Rol e-chain® Series 5050R


  • Reduces required energy chain® drive power to less than 25%
  • Travels up to 2,700 ft and speeds up to 20 ft/s possible
  • Can be used in harsh, dirty environments
  • Available as ready-to-install, harnessed system
  • Complete system guarantee for harnessed systems (depending on the application)

  • Moving camera systems
  • Material handling
  • Steel plants
  • Power plants
  • Ship unloading cranes
  • Coal unloading systems
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Mining
  • CNC routers

cable carrier with link and roller

Operating noise on the cable carrier is cut by approx. 6 dB(A) thanks to improved geometry of the link and roller.

Product range:

Inner heights from 1.26", 1.65", 2.2" and 3.15" can be delivered from stock. All interior separation and mounting bracket options from the System E4 range are available. Standard igus® guide troughs can be used. Rol e-chains® can be snapped open on both sides and are available as a made-to-spec readychain® system complete with continuous flex cables, connectors, interior separation, etc., as required. Rol e-chain® can be delivered on a drum, depending on the total length. If chainflex® continuous flex cables are used, we'll gladly provide a guarantee for the entire system.

NOTE: Systems of this type should be designed by our system design engineers. Please contact igus®.

Series Inner height Inner width Outer width Outer height Bend radius Unsupported  
hi Bi Ba ha R Length max.  
[in] [in] [in] [in] [in] [ft]  
Rol e-chain® with crossbars at every link
2828R 1.26 1.97-15.75 2.87-16.65 2.13 4.92-11.81 8.2  Inquiries
3838R 1.65 1.97-15.75 3.03-16.81 2.52 5.91-11.81 10.66  Inquiries
4040R 2.20 1.97-23.62 3.39-25.04 3.31 7.87-15.75 14.76  Inquiries
5050R 3.15 1.97-23.62 3.94-25.60 4.25 9.84-19.68 19.69  Inquiries
Rol e-chain® - E-Tube, fully enclosed
R7728R 1.25 1.97-11.81 2.87-12.72 2.13 4.92-11.81 8.2  Inquiries
R7838R 1.65 1.97-11.81 3.03-12.87 2.52 5.91-11.81 10.66  Inquiries
R8840R 2.20 2.95-18.19 4.37-19.65 3.31 7.87-15.75 14.76  Inquiries
R9850R 3.15 2.95-18.19 4.92-20.20 4.25 9.84-19.68 19.69  Inquiries

5050R Chain widths up to 9.83 feet can be implemented with a roller extension link
Series 2828R, 3838R, 4040R and 5050R are also available as AUTO-GLIDE energy chains®.

Available on request - 2007 iF Design Award Winner

roller cable carrier  
igus® Rol e-chain® - Series P4

Rol e-chain® for applications with extremely long travels and high speeds up to 33 ft/s.

Integrated rollers enable the cable carrier to roll, instead of glide, on itself. This means the required drive power is reduced considerably, making longer travels and higher speeds possible. AUTO-GLIDE gliding elements on the crossbars keep the upper run of the chain on the lower run and makes guide troughs redundant.

Product range:

Part No. Inner width Bend radius Inner height Inner width Outer width Pitch Max. travel Max.
Loudness Max.
Bi R Hi Bi Ba            
[in] [in] [in] [in] [in]   [ft] [ft/s] [dB(A)] [lbs/ft]  
P4-56 . .* 2.20 1.97 - 23.62 4.49 - 28.11 91 2,624.8 32.81+ 20 - 60 12.10  Inquiries

*Delivery time upon request

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