Micro flizz® system: an alternative to busbars

Master long travels with the smallest cable carrier - without failure

  • One compact system for the safe guidance of power, data and air
  • Maintenance-free alternative for busbar
  • Control via stationery switch cabinet possible
  • Accelerations up to 164 ft/s² (50 m/s²) and speeds up to 19.69ft/s² (6 m/s) possible
  • Fast assembly due to pre-configured, modular system
  • Less space required
  • Smooth operation due to ball bearings in the guide carriages
  • Rail material: anodized aluminum

small cable carrier for long travel  

Example cable carrier applications (above): Storage-and-retrieval systems for high-bay warehouses, indoor cranes, industrial gates, work stations. Other application areas: Sewage treatment plants, camera systems, sliding doors, control cabinets, measuring equipment, studio equipment, conveyor systems.

Technical data

1. Separated upper and lower runs mean there is no friction between the two and power consumption is reduced
2. Winglets hold the cable carrier in place
3. Polymer spring elements work to cushion movement inside the guide channel and lower noise
4. Integrated strain relief securely fixes cables in place
5. Universal connection via three T-Slots
6. The cable carrier is attached by roller cart on the moving end (gliding or locking possible)
7. Can also be used in the opposite direction, which means two separate travels are possible

cable carriers Micro Flizz  
Gliding lower run on cable carrier

Before: Lower run glides on itself. For long travels, larger cable carriers are needed.

Self-guided cable carrier

Today: Micro flizz® means a small cable carrier can be self-guided. Friction is reduced by a factor of 3 compared with conventional systems.


Part No. Inner height Inner width Outer width Outer height Bend radius  
hi Bi Ba ha R  
[in] (mm) [in] (mm) [in] (mm) [in] (mm) [in] (mm)  
MF-06-10-018 .43 (11) .39 (10) .75 (19) .67 (17) 018  Inquiries
MF-08-18-035 .51 (13) .71 (18) 1.14 (29) .83 (21) 035  Inquiries

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