Circular and spiral movements

Circular and spiral movements can be achieved with twisterchain® cable carriers.

A specially designed guide trough is available, which offers reduced cable carrier abrasion, optimum low-noise operation, and rotations up to 360°. The modular structure of the guide trough allows for a longer chain length and different bend radii.

TwisterChain cable carrier

Turns possible up to 540° (with special mounting parts)

cable carrier different bend radii

The modular structure of the guide trough enables different bend radii to be integrated within the same trough.

cable carriers twisterchain

To open, press the screwdriver down vertically in the groove of the crossbar. Loosen the crossbar by levering (against the clamp) .

Suitable for:

Circular movements up to 520°

Spiral movements

Quick cable replacement

Standard guide trough (for up to 360° movement) available from stock

Rotational speeds up to 13 ft/s



Material handling

General mechanical engineering


Circular movements possible up to 520°

UL94-V2 Classifications on request

Installation instructions

See how to assemble twisterchain® using these assembly instructions.

Application examples

Take a look at some real-world application examples.

Save assembly time

New TwisterChain trough (released 2011 in North America) cuts assembly time by 66%.

Snap-open along the inner and outer radius
cable carriers twisterchain  

Series 2208

Inner height hi: 1.1 (28 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 2.07 - 4.43 (52.5 - 112.5 mm)
bending radii R: 2.17 - 5.91 (55 - 150 mm)
Pitch: 1.73 (44 mm)

cable carriers  

Series 2808

Inner height hi: 1.26 (32 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 1.97 - 5.91 (50 - 150 mm)
bending radii R: 3.94 - 9.84 (100 - 250 mm)
Pitch: 2.2 (56 mm)

Twisterband cable carrier  

Series 3808

Inner height hi: 1.65 (42 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 1.97 - 7.87 (50 - 200 mm)
bending radii R: 3.94 - 9.84 (100 - 250 mm)
Pitch: 2.64 (67 mm)

cable carrier twister chain  

Series 4008

Inner height hi: 2.2 (56 mm)
Inner widths Bi: 1.97 - 7.87 (50 - 200 mm)
bending radii R: 5.91 - 15.75 (150 - 400 mm)
Pitch: 3.58 (91 mm)

Also available:

twisterchain® trough

Save assembly time and costs. Better guidance for circular motion. Increase cycle life.

twisterchain® trough    
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