DryLin® R linear bearings: product overview

Linear round guide

DryLin® R linear plain bearings are based on extremely wear-resistant polymers specially developed for the linear technology. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings. The special geometry guarantees ruggedness even in extreme environments.


100 % lubricant-free

Dimensionally interchangeable with (recirculating) ball bearings

Large variety of choice in housing shapes

Shafts, shaft blocks and accessories available from stock

8 different shaft materials

Replaceable liners

VA stainless steel housing available

When not to use it?

When little installation space is available
DryLin® N
DryLin® W

When twist-protection is required for single-axis systems

DryLin® T
DryLin® N

DryLin® R-Variants

Highly wear resistant, compatible with standard ball bearings, robust in extreme environments and always 100% self-lubricating. In all aluminum and stainless steel housings, the liners made of iglide® J (JUM-01/JUMO-01) are included as standard.

drylin® R liners  

Liners and pressfit bearings

Open and enclosed

drylin® R linear plain bearing  

Linear plain bearing

Open, enclosed, split and self-aligning

drylin® R housing bearing  

Housing bearing

Enclosed, adjustable, split, in tandem design and as floating bearing

drylin® R flange housings  

Flange housing

With round or angular flange

drylin® R carriage and linear housing  

Carriage and linear housing

Open or enclosed in several long designs

drylin® R shaft end supports and shaft blocks  

Shaft end supports and shaft blocks

Fixed and moving shaft end supports, shaft blocks in several designs

DryLin® R shafts and supported shafts  

Shafts and supported shafts

Shafts made of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber

DryLin® Expert System  

Expert System

Online bearing lifetime calculation program.

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