DryLin® R flange housings: product overview

DryLin® R - FJUI-11-XX  

DryLin® R - FJUI-11

Straight bearing, flange pillow block, inch

DryLin® R - FJUI-13-XX  

DryLin® R - FJUI-13

Self-aligning bearing, flange pillow block, inch

DryLin® R - FJUIT-01  

DryLin® R - FJUIT-01

Twin flange pillow block, round or square flange, inch

Self-aligning flange pillow block  

DryLin® R - FJUI-13-TW

Twin flange pillow block, square flange, self-aligning bearing, inch

 DryLin® R - FJUI-31-TW  

DryLin® R - FJUI-31-TW

Twin flange pillow block, square flange, low clearance straight use, inch

DryLin® R - FJUI-33-TW  

DryLin® R - FJUI-33-TW

Twin flange pillow block, for low clearance self-aligning use, inch

DryLin® R - FJUM-01/31  

DryLin® R - FJUM-01/31

Flange housing, round flange, mm

DryLin® R - FJUM-02/32  

DryLin® R - FJUM-02/32

Flange housing, angular flange, mm

DryLin® R - FJUM-01/02  

DryLin® R - FJUMT-01/02

Tandem flange, round or angular flange, mm

DryLin® R - FJUMT-31/32  

DryLin® R - FJUMT-31/32

Tandem flange Low Clearance, round or angular flange, mm

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