drylin® ZLW belt drive - mounting options

The drylin® ZLW belt drive can be mounted in different ways (clamp and slot nuts included in delivery):

The installation position of the drive can be oriented on the right, left, or both sides. Mounting upside down is the best option against dirt accumulation.

1. Clamp mount

Clamping offers an easy fastening option onto aluminum machine profiles and other surfaces, Part No. 75.40.

2. Slot nuts

Slot nuts enable installation on 3 sides (1040: left, right, bottom) or 2 sides (0630: left, right) and are also used to mount sensors and limit switches.

3. In-line belt connection

Tapped holes are located at each end block face.

Included in delivery


Ideal for limit switches. Included in delivery


4 x M6/M4 screws (optional)

Directions for installation:

The end blocks should not be used as a mechanical stop under any circumstances. A minimum spacing of 10 mm should be provided on both sides. The safety distance provided at both ends of the carriage can be reduced provided that the housings of the drive and end blocks do not collide with the carriage.

The igus® team is happy to provide you with more information on the mounting and installation of the belt drive.

Motor flange

The motor flange can be fastened onto the end support with four screws. Different types of motor flanges are available for NEMA and other standards.

motor flange  
hand crank

The drylin® ZLW belt drive is also available with a hand crank on request.


Dimensions in mm Motor Base plate   Motor mounting plate
for ZLW-0630 NEMA170630 110.5 28 12     53 44 43.8 6 22 2.5 3.5
  NEMA230630 120.5 28 12      59 56 66.7 10 38.1 2.5 4.5

Dimensions in mm Motor Base plate   Motor mounting plate
for ZLW-1040 NEMA171040 138 44 17      63 44 43.8 6 22 2.5 3.5
  NEMA231040 138 44 17      70.7 54.6 66.7 14 38.1 2.5 4.5
  NEMA341040 138 44 17      85 85 99 16 73 2.5 6.5

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