Inspection device for offshore drilling riser

Drilling risers are used in the offshore oil and gas industry to connect elements between the drilling platform and the seabed. The risers operate under high mechanical loads and in harsh conditions encouraging corrosion and wear. As a result, regular maintenance inspections of the drilling riser must be completed.

The inspection device semi-automatically scans the entire interior of the riser’s main pipe. Its articulated joints are mounted on iglide G300 plastic bushings. These bushings have low friction and are free of stick-slip. The core parts of the sensor mechanism use drylin® N linear slides and igubal® rod ends. Each individual sensor is installed on a drylin® NK-02-27 miniature linear guide. This is then connected to the central adjustment by a self-aligning rod end with either a right- and/or a left-hand thread (EBRM-05 and EBLM-05).

polymer plain bearings  
Sensors on DryLin® guide systems   
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