TwisterBand: Compact, modular, economical

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TwisterBand is not currently stocked as a standard part.
Please contact us with details of your application if you would like to become a beta tester for this product.

Rotary movements in minimal space

To achieve rotary movements in the smallest spaces, while guiding power, data and media safely, complicated and expensive rotary solutions are usually needed.

However, with compact rotating TwisterBand, rotations can now be guided and managed in very confined spaces cost-effectively and with very little wear:

Rotary movements up to ± 1500°

Rotary speeds up to 180°/s possible

Compact, modular and lightweight

Ribbons can be shorten easily

Minimal installation space needed

Can be reliably used in horizontal or vertical installation positions


No guide required

Easily fillable

Used inconjunction with chainflex® continuous-flex cables for small bending radii, this is the problem solver for rotary movements in very limited spaces.

Industries:robots (robot arms, 1/6 axis), Theme park rides, medical equipment, radar and telescope equipment, aerospace, test, measurement, handling, lifting and installation equipment, wind turbines (e.g. blade adjustment) - and more.


The modular design allows the E-Chain's® hinges to be quickly and easily assembled: one hinge for every 180°...


... and the max. rotation angle can be increased. As a rule of thumb: hinge for each 180° = 360° more rotation.


Fixed height and width for rotary movements, no guide required.

TB20.12.44.0* - delivery program


Base plate Part. No. TB20.50.0.PZ
50 = Ø bore, PZ = with strain relief

Mounting bracket Part. No. TB20.44.01.0

TwisterBand segment (1 ribbon 180°)
Part-No. TB20.44.12.0
200 = outer Ø
44 = inner width [Bi], 12 = inner height [hi]
0 = color

Mounting bracket Part. No.TB20.44.01.0

Base plate Part. No. TB20.50.0.PZ
50 = Ø bore, PZ = with strain relief

Other sizes available on request


Optimal filling space


Complete system
Part-No.: TB20.
200 = outer Ø, 44 = Bi, 12 = hi, 8 = number of ribbons
01 = version, 0 = color


  Cable Ø Cable type
  CF11.001.D 10,5 Measuring cable
  CFBUS.001 8,5 BUS-cable
  CF38.15.04 9,5 Power cable
  CF10.15.04 9,5 Control Cable

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