Heavy duty plastics

igus® has more than 40 years experience in polymer research. Special high performance plastics allow the use of igus® cable carriers and bearings in almost any environment. Whether your application involves heat, cold, corrosion, moisture, dirt - we have a solution for you.

In an increasing number of offshore applications, plastic igus® energy chain® cable carriers are successfully replacing steel because of their extraordinary capabilities:

Corrosion free, UV and seawater resistant

Lightweight AND high stability

Low maintenance and long service life

Resistant to dirt, seawater,chemicals, extreme temperatures

Easy to install

Flexible, modular design

ESD solutions available

Pre-harnessed systems available in combination with chainflex® continuous-flex cables

Technical environment - ESD & ATEX  

ESD material

The conductive material igumid ESD has offered explosion protection and protection against electrostatic buildup since 2002.

Offshore applications  

Offshore applications

igus® energy chain® cable carriers are strong, modular, corrosion resistant, and easy to install.



The largest energy chain® in the world. Carries heavy loads efficiently and safely.

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Video: special solution for offshore

Extended three span with Series 800 energy chain®.

cranes brochure  

Offshore brochure

Increase service life for cranes and offshore machinery with an igus® energy chain system®.

Heavy duty cable carriers  

Heavy duty cable carriers

The E4/4 energy chain® range for demanding applications.

energy chain® Product Selector  

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Answer just two questions

Find the most suitable energy chain® quickly and easily with the energy chain® Product Selector.

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chainflex® continuous-flex cables

Proven in challenging applications

Our customers demand that their machines and equipment must run. Non-stop. Worldwide. Malfunctions, such as cable failure in moving applications, must not occur and cause expensive downtime, even and especially when installed under the most adverse environmental conditions.

chainflex® cables are developed and optimized solely for the special requirements of continuously flexing applications.

Thorough testing in the igus® test laboratories (on more than 40 different continuously moving test rigs)

More than 850 different sizes of igus® chainflex® cables are available from stock, including motor, servo, data, bus, control, and fiber-optic cables

Resistant to dirt, seawater, chemicals, extreme temperatures

CE, UL, CSA compliant

Mud resistant according to NEC606 for offshore cables

chainflex® works  

chainflex® works


The design methods that make our continuous-flex cables unique.


Product Selector

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Find the right chainflex® continuous-flex cable for your application fast.

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Pre-harnessed and ready to install

Reduce storage costs for cable carriers, cables and connectors to zero Our quick and guaranteed delivery times mean you don't have to store cable carriers, cables, or connectors 'just in case'.

Cut throughput time in half Optimized logistics mean igus® can deliver ready-made systems almost worldwide within 2-8 days on a guaranteed date.

React flexibly to order fluctuations With readychains® you can always be prepared for cyclical ups and downs.

Minimize machine downtime Play it safe: small things cause big problems. Buying numerous components individually not only increases the risk of failure at your plant, but it also complicates troubleshooting.

Get a system solution with readychain®. Any system is checked in our test center. igus® is standardized according to ISO 9001:2008.

Reduce the number of suppliers and orders by 75% One order, one invoice, one delivery, one partner. Don’t worry about looking for numerous parts from different suppliers. We have the knowledge to provide the optimal parts to you quickly.

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Complete cable carrier systems - ready to be connected to your machines - can be pre-harnessed and delivered in 3 to 8 days.

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Video readychain® factory

Take a peek at the readychain® assembly process in the igus® factory.

Polymer bearings

Corrosion resistant, maintenance-free plastic bearings are used in subsea ROVs and valve applications, for example. They offer a high load capacity and predictable service life. All igus® products are designed to offer longer life at lower cost.


Application examples

igus® polymer bearings are resistant to dirt, seawater, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

drylin® T Heavy Duty  

drylin® T – Heavy Duty

For the most extreme environmental conditions

Profile rail guide for extreme conditions (dirt, mud, etc.)

Polymer sliding elements made from iglide® J are fixed in place by metal end caps and cannot be lost

iglide® PRT slewing rings  

iglide® PRT

Maintenance-free slewing ring

The slewing ring bearing system PRT has quickly proven itself in a variety of applications. Customer demand prompted us to add more sizes.


SLW-ES - stainless steel linear slide table

Stainless steel leadscrew tables designed for use in aggressive environments.

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Plain bearings, spherical bearings, linear bearings, linear guides...
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