Woodworking industry

Chip resistant, long life

igus® cable carrier systems, linear motion guides, and bearings are used extensively throughout the woodworking industry and around the world.

They are resistant to wood chips and debris, quick and easy to install, and virtually dispense with the need for maintenance.

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Product range:

Cable management products

Cable management systems to safely guide and protect your cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, including long travel, wear-resistant solutions.

Enclosed RX Tube  

RX Tube

Our most chip resistant tube to date

A completely new-design tube that is completely chip-proof, easy to open, and TÜV-tested.

E2 Tubes  

E2 Tubes

Energy Tube for higher speeds and a quiet operation. Features easy-to-open lids.

Horizontal Guidelok System  

Horizontal Guidelok System

This system for long travels keeps the upper and lower runs of a cable carrier separate, reducing wear due to chip abrasion.

Silent cable carrier  

System E6

Rugged, low vibration cable carrier for high speeds and accelerations. Low noise: only 46 dB(A).

Multidimensional cable carrier  

Triflex R

Multidimensional movement. High tensile strength. Full dress packs available.



Cable carrier for circular and spiral movements up to 540°. Snaps open along both sides.

Product overviews

Oil-free bearing systems

Plastic bushings, self-aligning bearings, linear guides, slewing rings and leadscrew tables.

Rolling and sliding linear guide carriage  

drylin® WJRM linear guide

Carriage rolls AND slides for reduced friction. Ideal for machine-tool guards.

Adjustable linear guide  

drylin® W "turn-to-fit" linear guide

Features an adjustable carriages that allow you to set the clearance for your application using a set screw.

Slewing ring  

Slewing rings

Ready-to-install, rugged, corrosion-resistant slewing ring for high loads. Suitable for tough environments and low to medium surface speeds.

Linear guide  

drylin® W linear guides

Reduced assembly time: No rail alignment necessary. Low friction. Vibration dampening. 12 rail profiles to choose from.

Heavy duty linear guide  

drylin® T profile rail guides

Heavy duty linear guide for use in demanding applications. Adjustable clearance. Available as an automatic, heavy-duty or low-profile version.

Rod end bearings  

Rod end bearings

High tensile strength. Compensate for misalignment. Resistant to dirt and dust. Vibration dampening. Lightweight.

Product overviews
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Applications using igus® products in the woodworking industry.

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