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Design and Request Custom Parts

Did you know that we offer a variety of custom parts services? Our services include Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Service, Custom Machining Services and Injection Molding. Upload a CAD file to our 3D Printing Service or configure custom parts with our Bearing Designer (FastLine Service)!

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smart plastics for IoT & Industry 4.0

What exactly are smart plastics? They are a group of sensor systems that detect breakage, monitor push/pull forces, cable tension, etc. Extend product life and save maintenance costs on your energy supply systems with predictive maintenance and condition montioring today!

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Spur, Bevel Gears & Gear Racks

Browse our line of wear-resistant plastic gears made of high-performance polymers. If your design or machine requires customized gears, choose from our various iglide® materials and use our in-house SLS 3D printing service for prototyping and to create custom gears to your requirements.

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