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Two become one: Hybrid servo cable with bus element now available11/13/2013

igus, cable and cable carrier specialist, now has a single cable solution for servo motors and its program: the hybrid servo cable has an integrated hyperface bus element. Keeping up with the emerging trend of offering single cable technology for servo motors, the hybrid servo cable, based on the Chainflex® cable series CF270-UL-D, is changing things in the field of drive technology. Traditionally, the servo motor and the converter are connected with two cables, one servo cable for the supply of energy for the motor, and an encoder cable to supply data about rotation speed and motor position back to the control. Now, drive manufacturers increasingly offer servo motors with single cable technology. The principle: energy and data feedback are coupled in one cable. In this case, complex measuring system cables, usually used for the encoder function, are replaced by bus technology. As well as saving space by reducing the number of cables needed, costs are minimized by reducing the number of plugs needed, installation time, and a reduction in other materials needed, such as cable management.

Protective shield for maximum EMC

A durability of a cables shield is important, especially so with servo cables to prevent possible disturbances of neighboring cables within the cable bundle. This shielding is even more important in the new hybrid cables, because the sensitive bus signals are directly integrated into the servo cable. Because of this, the element shield as well as the entire shield of the hybrid cable is made of a particularly bend-resistant shield, made of tinned copper wires with an optical covering of 80%. The high-quality shields ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of the cable.

High-end, durable, and developed for the Energy Chain®

The basis of the hybrid servo cable is the high-level Chainflex CF270-UL-D series of servo cables, which has been on the market for years. Its strength and durability under excessive load conditions is thanks to its special design. The core pairs, stranded with optimal pitch-length satisfy the high-mechanic demands of constant movement. A low-adhesion PUR outer jacket covers the cable, customized to the specific demands of Energy Chain Systems®, and provides a long cable lifetime thanks to proven igus materials.

The new hybrid cable corresponds with relevant standards such as UL/SCA, and CE, and its DESINA conforming orange jacket, flame retardance and freedom of halogen means this cable fulfills the demands in machining centers, in machine tools, conveyor technology, as well as in cryogenic temperature applications.

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