automated drug handling

Automated drug handling for pharmacies

igus storage technology is used in this automated blister center

Application Overview:

  • What was required: drylin W profile guides and drylin high helix thread with plastic nut
  • Requirements: the longest possible service life in 24/7 operation, low abrasion due to the delivery of unpackaged medicines, completely self-lubricating linear and curve guides, tight curve radii, minimized vibrations and low noise
  • Industry: medical technology
  • Success for the customer: The material pairing of drylin W and iglide J ensures maintenance-free and wear-free operation of the circulation system over a long period of time. This is confirmed by Rowa's previous tests with the first prototypes of the circulation system.
Blisterzentrum Rowa


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drylin W profile guides

drylin W-Profilführung

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drylin W pillow block

dryspin® Lead Screws & Nuts

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