Expert Engineering Services for Difficult Design Challenges

  • Custom e-chain® system design
  • Special guide trough systems
  • On-site modernization studies
  • Robotics integration
  • R&D projects
  • Test lab capabilities

Cooperative research and development used for custom designs and special solutions

  • Design, engineer and test prototypes
  • Design specialty brackets or mounting solutions
  • Trough designs for applications with space restrictions
  • Unique e-chain configurations and movements

Onsite modernization studies to optimize your application's performance

  • Site study and analysis
  • Reviewing needed technology upgrades
  • Reviewing new system and implementation planning ROI/TCO analysis
  • Project management from design to startup
onsite modernization

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Test lab capabilities for proof of concept and performance guarantees

  • 41,000 sq. ft. test lab in Cologne, Germany
  • Life cycle testing of unique configurations
  • Climate chamber
  • Robotic manipualtion studies
  • Material tests
  • Assembly and electrical testing