Installation services help you achieve maximum performance & service life

for your cable carriers

Installation Services:

  • Project management - turnkey solutions
  • Supervision
  • Retrofitting festoons, cable reels and bus bars
  • Refitting cable carriers
  • Assembly Repairs

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Commissioning & initial inspection with annual or bi-annual check-ups before installation

  • Guide trough and supports – alignment, tolerancing, fastener torque values
  • e-chain® assembly – links, separators, brackets
  • Cable installation – routing in the e-chain®, positioning in their compartments, proper reserves are present
  • Proper strain relief installation – correct parts, installation, cable lengths

Repair of current cable carrier systems or modernization from other technology to e-chains

repair and modernization
  • Repairing or replacing broken links or crossbars
  • Repairing, replacing or adjusting interior separation
  • Replacing damaged cables
  • Adjusting igus® trough components
  • Removing existing technology
  • Installing igus® trough systems
  • e-chain® installation commissioning inspection

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