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Servo Cables

Chainflex® servo cables for e-chain® cable carriers allow for a bending radii up to 7,5xd and are available with or without an inner jacket—PVC, iguPUR, PUR or TPE. Chainflex® servo cables are also available with complete shielding with an optimized braiding angle. Depending on the type, they are flame-retardant, coolant-resistant, oil-resistant and flexible at low temperatures, making twistable cables also possible. Our servo cables are available for all well-known drive manufacturers and are tested within the igus® lab for millions of cycles inside of e-chains®. They also come with a UL-Verified 36-month guarantee

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chainflex® servo cable CF897

  • Requirements: For flexing applications
  • Outer jacket: iguPUR
  • Oil resistance: Oil-resistant according to DIN EN 50363-10-2
  • Silicone-free
  • Flame retardant
  • Overall shield
  • chainflex® class:
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UV resistance
Medium Flame retardant
According to IEC 60332-1-2, CEI 20-35, VW-1, FT-1 Silicone-free
Free from silicon which can affect paint adhesion (according to PV 3.10.7 – status 1992). NFPA 79
Following NFPA 79-2012 chapter 12.9 EAC
Certified to no. TC RU C-DE. ME77.B.01561 CTP
Certified to no. C-DE. PB49.B.00450 Lead free
Following 2011/65/EU (RoHS-II) UL/CSA AWM

Flexible servo cable - chainflex®

chainflex® servo cables from igus® have been specially developed for use in e-chains®. Our servo cables are especially suitable for use in moving applications. In the igus® test laboratory, chainflex® servo cables are tested under different conditions. We are thus able to ensure very high quality and a long service life. We test our servo cables at high speeds and rates of acceleration. The servo cables come with various certifications, such as CTP, RoHS, EAC, CE and many more. In addition, the servo cables are flame-retardant and oil-resistant, which means that a chainflex® servo cable is ideal for use in machines and on production lines. Due to the special structure of the servo cable, a bend radii as low as 7.5 x diameter are possible, ensuring a very long service life, even in moving applications. The servo cables are mainly installed in energy chains together with data cables, control cables and other chainflex® cables. With our configurator, you can specify the contents of your e-chain®. Specify which fiber optic cables are to be used, stipulate the length of the coaxial cable or define the excess length of the bus cables. In addition, you can use the chainflex® service life calculator to determine the service life of the desired servo cable. This gives you planning security for your projects, reduces future maintenance costs and also saves time. In accordance with our guiding principle: "cost up".

Cables that are often installed together in energy chains:

bus cables
data cables
coaxial cables
fibre optic cables
control cables

Advantages of the chainflex® servo cable:

Our servo cables are subjected to many millions of test cycles in e-chains® in the igus® laboratory. This ensures a constant high quality. In addition, igus® is able to test the service life and continually improve the cables over time. There is a choice of chainflex® servo cables as PVC servo cables or PUR servo cables. In addition, the PVC servo cables and PUR servo cables are available with or without an inner jacket. Use our e-chains® configurator today and order the energy chain that is ideal for you. If you need help in selecting the right servo cable or would like further information, send us an e-mail or simply give us a call. Our experts are also available to talk to you online via the chat function.

igus® chainflex® servo cables - work or your money back!

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