Food-safe 3D printing for abrasion- and wear-resistant parts

Order abrasion-resistant parts from the 3D printing service or print them yourself

Laser sintering with iglide I6

3D printing, SLS laser sintering, food-safe
  • Compliant with the food-specific regulations of EU 10/2011
  • Max. application temperature: +80°C
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant: e.g. at least 9 times more abrasion-resistant
    than PA12 (SLS) in rotation test
  • Best strength and surfaces of all igus food-safe 3D printing materials

iglide I150: the all-rounder filament

food-safe filament
  • Compliant with food-specific  regulations according to EU 10/2011
  • Can be processed on all regular 3D printers
  • The most frequently used tribo-filament® with very good mechanical properties (strength, resilience, layer adhesion)

Heat-resistant: iglide A350

3D printing, food-safe and heat-resistant, compliant with FDA regulations
  • Compliant with food-specific regulations according to EU 10/2011 and the FDA.
  • Temperature-resistant up to 180°C, fire-retardant according to UL94-V0
  • Suitable for steam sterilization
  • High-temperature 3D printer required

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Laser sintering for compliance with food-specific regulations

Food-safe 3D printing wear values compared with other methods
Rotating wear: p = 1 MPa; v = 0.3m/s
Food-safe 3D printing wear values compared with other methods

Making food-safe components yourself

Heat-resistant and food-safe

Food-safe 3D printing: comparison of abrasion
Rotating coefficient of friction, p= 1MPa, v= 0.3m/s Vertical axis: Coefficient of friction [-]
Food-safe 3D printing: comparison of abrasion

Further solutions for food contact

Knife edge rollers, guide rollers, food-safe

Food-safe guide rollers

Sleeve bearing with flange, food-safe

Sleeve bearings with flange for food contact

Food-safe liner

Low-friction liner for food contact

Energy chain, cable guide, food-compliant, FDA

Energy chain developed according to hygienic design guidelines

Polymer machine parts for contact with food

Further plastic solutions for food contact

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