e-chain® solutions for your automotive application

  • Cost-effective
  • Light Weight
  • Silent
  • Individual customization as required
  • Long service life, predictable
  • Tested under real conditions
  • Assembly-friendly
  • Gentle on the cables

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e-chain® E2 micro

E2 micro e-chain®
  • High torsional resistance
  • Smallest inner heights and bend radii
  • Mounting brackets with strain relief optional
  • Small pitch for silent operation
  • Cable-friendly interior
  • Low weight

e-chain® E1

E1 e-chain®
  • Cost-effective solution for large volumes
  • Can be shortened or lengthened as required through injection-molded, modular chain band
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to fix using the hole on the chain band

e-rib for corrugated tubes

e-rib for corrugated tubes
  • Little installation space required despite high reach
  • Cable-friendly with defined bend radius
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • Stability prevents unintentional sideways movement
  • No change in the impermeability of the corrugated hose

Examples of igus® energy supplies in onboard use

Van with e-chain® applications
e-chain® in sliding door
e-chains® in the seating system
e-chain® in the wiper systems

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e-chain automotive sample box

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