Maintenance-free, self-lubricating parts for the aircraft and aviation industry


  • Light & inexpensive with plastic & aluminum parts
  • Wind & water-resistant materials suitable for aviation
  • Completely maintenance-free & self-lubricating
  • High stress capacity, longer service life, less maintenance
  • Custom 3D printed & injection molded parts

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e-chain® cable carriers

e200 e-chain
  • Quiet, wear-resistant and vibration-resistant
  • Highly stable and durable
  • Long travels

chainflex® cables

chainflex cables
  • For highest stress
  • Largest assortment with 1.354 cable types
  • 25 years of experience -  up to 4 year guarantee

drylin® linear guides & actuators

drylin® linear guides expert
  • Ready-to-connect actuators with drive & motor
  • Belt and Leadscrew driven actuators
  • Grease-free, lightweight linear guides

igubal® spherical bearings

igubal spherical bearings
  • Up to 40% more cost-effective than metal
  • 80% lighter than metallic alternatives
  • Self-lubricating & low-maintenance

iglide® plain bearings

iglide® plain bearings
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Dirt and dust-resistant
  • Wide range of standard products

Custom Parts Services

Custom Components
  • 3D SLS Printing Service for Prototyping
  • Variety of wear-resistant materials
  • Injection Molding & Custom Machining Services

Customer Applications

Hot air balloon record

Hot air balloon

Salvaging space scrap

Satellite salvage service

Airplane wing design

airplane wing

Application Stories

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