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Cleanroom products up to ISO Class 1

Advantages of igus® cleanroom solutions:

  • Easy assembly and fast delivery
  • Save installation space and weight
  • Low noise & vibration
  • Easy-to-open e-chains® for quick cable replacement
  • Also as a complete system from a single source

Cleanroom Applications

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e-chains for the cleanroom

e-chain® cable carriers

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Cleanroom applicable chainflex cables

chainflex® cable & hoses

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Cleanroom applicable drylin linear guide

drylin® linear guides

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PRT slewing ring bearing suitable for cleanrooms

iglide® slewing rings

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Cleanroom predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance in cleanroom applications
Cleanroom energy chain C6
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e-skin flat
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SKF.S e-skin® flat with support chain
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igus® offers components for every cleanroom that improve technology and reduce costs

Application examples for the cleanroom

e-skin flat in use in a linear system with air bearings

e-skin flat in use in a linear system with air bearings

Cleanroom application example semiconductors

e-chain® systems in semiconductor manufacturing

Cleanroom application example semiconductors

Wafer handling

Use in a laboratory unit for liquid handling.

drylin® TR high helix thread nuts for laboratory equipment

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Rapid cleanroom product development

Products by cleanroom class

ISO 14644-1FED STD 209EGMP (non-operational)Max. particles (0.5 micron) m³Max. particles (0.5 micron) f³igus products that meet the standard
1N/AN/AEnergy chains, cables, corrugated tubes, pneumatic hoses
2N/AN/Asee above
3135see above + linear guides
410352see above
5100A & B3.520100see above
61.00035.200997see above
710.000C352.0009.967see above
8100.000D3.520.00099.675see above
9N/A35.200.00996.747see above


  • the respective pairing of shaft and bearing material
  • further parameters such as load, speed etc.

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