Injection molding machines

Assembly of plastic injection molding machine
  1. energy chain, various cables like data cables and media cables in injection unit
  2. energy chain, different cables in "picker" unit
  3. Linear guides in sliding door of the clamping unit
  4. energy chain, various cables like data cables and media cables in the clamping unit
  5. Machine bed
  • The machine bed is the base or the foundation of the machine. The switch cabinets are located here and a drive can also be integrated here depending on the machine. The other units that often can also move are located on the machine bed.
  • The initial part of the original forming process takes place in the injection unit. The plastic is heated and liquefied. This takes place in the so-called screw.
  • The clamping unit is the tool that determines the shape of the plastic product. It is called clamping unit, because the supply of the material from the injection unit can be closed and opened in the meantime. In the clamping unit are two mounting plates (one fixed and one moving) as well as a front plate. These plates are fixed vertically on one axis.

Products for use in injection molding machines

Energy supply chains

  • Protection of cables and hoses
  • Large unsupported lengths or additional loads possible
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy assembly through fast opening and separating of links
  • Low wear through special optimized igus® polymers
  • Stable, cable friendly rounded cross bars
  • Interior separation kit for higher service life
  • Wide variety of products possible for almost any application and special materials for particular application areas
  • Available from stock with many accessories


  • Over 950 cable types from stock
  • No minimum order
  • No cutting costs.
  • Special construction for the movement in e-chains®
  • Various jacket materials

Linear slide bearings

  • Small cross section
  • Self-lubricating
  • Replaceable plastic gliders
  • Lightweight

Already implemented customer applications

Injection moulding tool

Igus Product

A cable carrier is utilized in a small space on an injection molding tool that needs to save as much space as possible.

Injection molding machine

Igus Product

drylin® copes with long distances and offers a high cost reduction.