Polymer plain bearings from igus® for motorcycles


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Rear swing arms

Suspension fork


iglide® P in rear swing arms
iglide® J in the suspension fork
iglide® H2 in brakes
iglide® P
iglide® J
iglide® H2


Throttle valves

Brake handles

iglide® P210 in stands
iglide® G300 in throttle valves
iglide® P in brake handles
iglide® P210
iglide® G
iglide® P

Rear shock absorbers

Rear shock absorbers

Foot mechanism

iglide® J piston rings in rear shock absorbers
iglide® J in rear shock absorbers
igubal® double joint in foot mechanism
iglide® J piston rings
iglide® J
igubal® coupling bar

Front swing arms

Front windscreen

Adjustable front windscreen

iglide® P in front swing arms
drylin® W in front windscreen
igubal® spherical bearing KGLM in adjustable front windscreen
iglide® P
DryLin® W
igubal® pivoting bearings KGLM

Foot brake

Front light


iglide® J in foot brake
igubal® rod end bearing in front light
drylin® W in footrest
iglide® J
igubal® rod end bearings
drylin® W

Suspension strut with height sensor

igubal® double joint in suspension strut with height sensor
igubal® Plastic spherical bearing

dry-tech® bearings box

Igus Product

An iglide® plastic bushing material exists for almost every application scenario - even chemical-exposed, dirty, underwater, high load or high temperature applications. For this reason, they are fast becoming a standard choice for design engineers around the world.

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

Igus Product

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

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