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Application Stories

High-Precision Perfusor Syringe Dosing with Bearings

Perfusor syringe dosing with plain bearings

Cables Safe During Tight Circular Movements

cables application in x-ray machine

Precisely-Moving Slit Lamp for Ophthalmology

bearings in ophthalmology lamp

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Corrugated Tubes for Cleanrooms

cleanroom cable carrier for medical imaging
  • Compact and modular design
  • Easy to open and flexible filling
  • Resealable opening mechanism

chainflex® Fiber Optic Cables

fiber optic cables for medical imaging
  • For many cycles, high speeds & accelerations
  • Metal-free and resistant to coolant and oil
  • Up to 36-month service life guarantee

chainflex® CFClean cables

cleanroom cables for medical imaging
  • For heavy-duty applications in e-skin® flat
  • PTFE-film-taped
  • Shielded and highly abrasion-resistant

iglide® PRT Slewing Rings

slewing rings for medical imaging
  • FDA-approved, A180 liners & stainless steel
  • Very slim design and hygienic
  • Corrosion and wear-resistant

iglide® Plain Bearings

bearings for medical imaging
  • Always dry-running & grease-free
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Can handle medium to high loads

drylin® N Low-Profile Rails & Guides

low profile guides for medical imaging
  • For extremely flat installation heights
  • Lighweight and various widths
  • Grease-free, corrosion-resistant & hygienic

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