lab technology

Hygienic Plastic Solutions for Lab and Analysis Technology, In-Vitro Diagnostics

Application Stories

Filling System for Reaction Vessels

lead screws in filling system application

Plain Bearings in Decanter Centrifuge

decanter centrifuge bearing application

Thrust Washers for Thermal Shakers

thermal shakers bearings application

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Linear Actuators & Motors

linear actuators for medical lab technology
  • Grease-free linear axes
  • Long service life, precision & high reliability
  • Stepper, DC & EC/BLDC motors

Plastic Gears

gears for medical lab tech
  • No external lubrication necessary
  • Long service life thanks to optimized materials
  • Individual dimensions also possible

Lead Screws & Nuts

lead screws & lead screw nuts for medical lab tech
  • Completely grease & maintenance-free lead screw technology
  • Low coefficient of friction & long service life

e-chain® cable carriers

FDA-Compliant Bearings

Custom Parts

custom parts for medical lab technology

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