High-Performance Polymers for Trucks and Trailers

igus® Polymer Products for Trucks & Trailers

iglide® G300 flange bearing

iglide® G300 flange bearings
  • Reliable in severe dirt and dust
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • No additional lubrication necessary
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

e-chain® E4.1L

e-chain E4.1L
  • Save up to 80% installation time
  • Fast interior separation; completely harnessed
  • For very small bend radii and low temperature applications

drylin® W linear guides

drylin® W linear guide
  • Quiet operation
  • Dry-running
  • Dirt- and corrosion-resistant
  • For exact re-positioning

Custom Parts & 3D Printing

3D Print and custom components

igus® products successfully used in trucks, heavy transporters and so on.

Heavy-duty transporter from Goldhofer with igus® energy guide
Platform lift of an ambulance with iglidur® plain bearings
Road sweeper made by FAUN Viatec GmbH uses iglide® plain bearings
Truck brake with iglide® plain bearings
drylin® linear guides for ergonomically adjustable driver's seat
igus® e-chain® for the safe guidance of hydraulic cables on the supports

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Plain Bearing Test in the Front Loader Test Rig

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