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Aluminum & 3D printed injection molds for affordable, individual components

What is the advantage of 3D-printed injection molding tools?Injection molds are mostly made of steel and only pay for themselves in the case of larger component quantities. igus® offers an alternative in the form of 3D-printed injection molding tools with which you save up to 80% of costs even in the case of small quantities (1 - 500).What is the advantage of injection molding tools made of aluminum?For component batches of between 200 and 10,000, aluminum tools can be used to make them. This lean manufacturing method saves time and money as a lengthy hardening process is not necessary.
In the case of both methods, your components are made of iglide® high-performance polymers that are suitable e.g. for high-temperature or heavy-duty applications. In addition, both methods are suitable for the . Which method is more suitable for your prototypes depends on the quantity.


All igus® manufacturing methods at a glance

Overview page
special bearings

Customised bearings made of iglidur® high-performance polymers  

Find out everything about special bearings from igus®.

Injection molding
of special bearings

Injection mould  

Your desired component injection-molded and made of iglide® high-performance polymers.

Special bearings
made of bar stock

Bar stock made of iglide® high-performance polymers  

Now, iglide® also machines round material to create the desired shape.

Special bearings

3D printing filaments consisting of iglidur® high-performance polymers  

3D printing service for customized parts - delivered from 24 hrs.

Your customized iglide® component in only three steps!

Inquiry form with upload function  
1. Submit an inquiry

Fill in the form with some basic information.
Fill in here!

3D-printed injection mold next to injection mold made of aluminum  
2. We injection mold your component according to your specifications

After receipt of your order, the production process at igus® starts with an injection mould made of 3D-printed high-performance polymers or aluminum.

Delivery of your components  
3. You receive your finished product

We make everything ready to ship and deliver your desired component as quickly as possible.

iglidur® granules for making individual components  
The right material for your project!

We offer you over 50 tribologically optimized materials for innumerable applications in which
wear-resistance is a necessity. Irrespective of whether your application is exposed to high
temperatures, contact with media or wear-intensive conditions – igus® almost
always offers a solution.

Versatile iglidur® plain bearings  
Advantages of iglide® materials

Each of our specially developed high-performance polymers possesses unique properties.

igus® plain bearings online shop  
igus® online shop

Here you can find all the standard parts as well as numerous iglide® materials and their properties.

igus® online tools  
Online tools

With the free online tools, you can calculate the service life of our products or configure them.  

Application examples of our customers

Application example: 3D printing service  

Fast availability at a low price and use under hygienic conditions were important prerequisites for this 3D-printed gripper.

Application example of bar stock machining  

igus® has taken on the challenge of providing the bearing system for a microscope arm. In this case, highly precise guidance of a lamp is required.

Application example of injection moulding method  

In agricultural applications, hay rakes are subjected to continuous stress. No problem for special bearings made of iglide® materials!


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