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ACME lead
screws & nuts
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29˚ ACME threads

Self-Lubricating, Self-Locking USA standard

ACME lead screws have a trapezoidal shape, a flank angle of 29 degrees and a higher pitch than fastening screws. They are ideal for applications requiring frequent positioning, including power transmission applications moving high axial loads. Self-locking and self-lubricating ACME rods and nuts in five iglide® materials are available in various designs and 30 installation sizes—using them in combination with a stainless steel screw enables strong corrosion-resistance.

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ACME thread dynamics

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Material data

Genera l featuresiglide® A180iglide® Jiglide® J350iglide® Riglide® L280
Density1,46 g/cm31,49 g/cm31,44 g/cm31,39 g/cm31,24 g/cm3
moisture absorption at 73 °F and 50 %r.h.0,2 weight-%0,3 weight-%0,3 weight-%0,2 weight-%1,3 weight-%
Mechanical Properties:
Bending strength, +68 °F12,760 psi10,590 psi7,977 psi10,150 psi18,130 psi
compressive strength11,310 psi8,702 psi8,702 psi9,863 psi8,847 psi
Max. permissible surface pressure, +68 °F507.6 psi580.2 psi435.1 psi435.1 psi725.2 psi
Thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature+194 °F+194 °F+302 °F+194 °F+194 °F
Electrical Properties:
Specific forward resistance> 1012 Ω cm> 1013 Ω cm> 1013 Ω cm> 1012 Ω cm> 1013 Ω cm
Surface resistance> 1011 Ω> 1012 Ω> 1010 Ω> 1012 Ω> 1012 Ω

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