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Form- Fill- and Closing Machines

Typical materials and products

To find in applications like:

Tool guide system

Filling process

Film welding unit

Guides for the deep drawing process


Form- Fill- and Closing Machines

1. Bottom web feeder
2. Forming station / deep-drawing process
3. In-feed section
4. Top web in-feed / labeling
5. Sealing unit
6. Cutting station (crosswise / lengthwise)

1.Lower film draft


No lubricants at the products

Maintenance-free solution

Wear-resistant solution in spite of cleaning process

Dirt accumulation

2. Preheating and molding station


Fastest demounting of bearing

Cost advantage

Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide possible

Dirt accumulation possible

3. Cup filling unit


Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide

Recirculating ball bearing is no alternative (cleaning)

Cost saving

Combination with soft

Stainless steels possible


Wear-resistant solution in spite of cleaning process

4. Inline labelling machine


No washing-out of the lubrication

No corrosion of the ball (soft stainless steel ball instead of hardened ball)

Lower adhesion factor, than bush bearing

Resistant against chemicals

5. Sealing unit


Cost advantage

Easy to install through split bearing housing

No rinsing of the recirculating ball bearings

Good corrosion-resistance

6. Cutting station (crosswise/lengthwise)


Vibrations during punching have no influence on the shaft

For this reason: No shake down of the shaft

Cost saving

Combination with soft stainless steel shafts

Maintenance-free solution

No impact from dirt accumulation through punching waste

Application example

Packaging machines

Tribo-optimized polymer bearings for thermoforming packaging machines.


Linear stroke of the surplus-film winder with the combination of DryLin® hard anodized aluminum precision shaft AWMP and iglide® J bearings.


Height adjustment of the discharge conveyor implemented with iglide® J bearings.


Main mounting of the bottom web dancer plate via igubal® flange bearings EFOM-30.


Standardized toggle lever stroke system in the sealing unit. Vertical guidance upper-stroke (J bushings), toggle lever mounting iglide® Z, main guide columns (JUM-02-45).


Standardized linear stroke system - Forming station Toggle lever with iglide® Z, main guide columns with DryLin® linear liners JUM-02-45.


Mounting of the film guide rollers on the Tiro-Lable NT (labeler) using xiros ball bearings.


Mounting of standard safety door with maintenance-free iglide® A180 bearings (FDA approved).


Mounting of the preheating stroke (sealing unit)


Mounting of the disc brake of the bottom web mandrel via iglide® A180 maintenance-free bearings (FDA approved).


Energy supply system of the XY travel unit of the inkjet printer for printing the packing date on the label with igus® E-Z Chain®

More application examples

Knife-edge applications

Knife-edge applications in the packaging industry.

Filling and sealing machine

Besides the high chemical resistance, the iglide® J plain bearings offer a maintenance-free dry operation in this application.

Packaging unit for profiles

Downtimes to zero

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