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Self-lubricating xiros® plastic ball bearings used in labeling machines


  • What was needed: Uninterrupted flow in the bottling process
  • Requirements: Smooth running of the ball bearings, no need for external lubricants, no maintenance
  • Material: xirodur® B180
  • Industry: Beverages sector
  • Success for the customer: Guide rollers from igus ensure a reliable service with excellent coefficients of wear and friction without interrupting the process.

Go to the labeling machine:With the Sleevematic labelling machine, labels are cut from the roll one at a time and then attached to the bottles. Once a roll of labels is depleted, it needs to be replaced by a new one without stopping the entire plant. Here the so-called "buffer conveyor" is used as a film storage, in which Krones employs xiros plastic ball bearings from igus.

Buy guide rollers with xiros® B180 fixed flange ball bearings
Krones AG manufactures and distributes custom-made machinery, plants and systems for the food and beverages industry.


In the past, Krones AG relied on conventional metallic ball bearings, but these did not run smoothly enough and were too heavy. In addition, the rollers stopped sometimes and the label tape could not be attached correctly on the bottle. Downtimes increased, resulting in additional costs. The problem was in finding lightweight and maintenance-free ball bearing solutions that could ensure smooth running in the guide rollers.


Due to the decisive advantage of the smooth running, the xiros guide rollers from igus were approved. Depending on the size of the film storage device of the Sleevematic labelling machine, between 12 and 36 guide rollers are used. Two xiros fixed flange ball bearings are used per guide roller. Due to the low mass, the freedom from maintenance and the best coefficients of friction and wear of the plastic solution, the problems with metallic ball bearings have become a thing of the past. 

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