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the-chain ... moving energy made easy

50 years of igus®

50 years of igus® / 43 years of energy chains

igus® presented the first plastic energy chain 43 years ago. Today, the company offers the widest range of plastic cable carrier systems, as well as its own line of chainflex® cables specifically designed for continuous flexing. To help customers navigate through such an expansive selection, customers have access to free online tools to easily select their perfect e-chain®, cables and connectors, and even calculate the system’s service life. readychain® systems are also available as finished, custom-harnessed solutions. Today, igus® is a provider of complete energy supply systems.

Company founders Günter and Margret Blase in front of their “double garage” from 1964
First energy chain from 1971
First chainflex® cable CF1 from 1989
readychain® rack: energy supply with system

Motion Plastics® – plastics in motion

In the 1970’s, igus® became a founding member in the field of modern energy supply. Today, the company is faced with the task oif actuating, facilitating, and moving installations, machinery and products with their tribo-optimized Motion Plastics®. These plastic materials have become indispensable in a wide variety of tasks and applications.

The igus® Motion Plastics® promises:

Cost down, life up

Calculate lifetime online

Shipped in 24 hours

QuickChain100: Calculate service life online
The new, chip-resistant E2 Energy Tube
150 combined years at igus, and still moving.
Left to Right: Tobias Vogel: Head of Sales & Marketing Bearings, Michael Blaß, Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing e-chain systems®, Frank Blase: CEO, Gerhard Baus: Vice President, Head of Business Unit Polymer Bearings, Artur Peplinski: Vice President, Head of International Group Development & Marketing, Harald Nehring: Vice President, Head of Business Unit e-chain systems®, Christoph Müller: Vice President, Head of Finance and Controlling
Current bird’s eye view of the flexible igus® factory in Cologne

50 years of igus®

50 Years of igus® / 30 Years of iglide® / 43 years of energy chains.

50 years of igus® / 30 years of iglide®

From the simple plastic bearing to high-tech machine element - 50 years of igus® / 30 years of iglide®.