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Wear testing for customer

iglide® J350 against PPA GF-30 shafts

The iglide® J350 material was tested for a customer from the automobile industry. In addition to the required temperature and media-resistance, the primary reasons were good wear-resistance against the PPA GF-30 plastic shaft used by the customer.
The igus® test lab conducted a wear test using the customer's original shaft material under the following conditions to explicitly test the good suitability of iglide® J350:

Test configuration

Load: 16 N

Pivot angle: 20°

Speed: 2 Hz ≙ 0,022 ft/s

Temperature: 50% of time 302°F; 30% of time 248°F; 20% of time room temperature

Operating time: > 800.000 cycles ≙about 1,87 miles

Test configuration The two test rigs used to conduct the tests. The installed bearing supports can be heated to permit temperature control.

Test results

The bearings exhibit very little signs of friction. The bearings exhibit very little signs of friction.
Shaft wear patterns Shaft wear patterns


The iglide® J350 bearings exhibited only very little wear at 3.4µm/km. No wear was measured on the PPA GF30 shaft.

dry-tech® test lab

Tribopolymers developed for dry-running conditions

igus® develops polymer materials that solve new bearing tribology application problems. Base-polymers, solid lubricants and reinforcements are combined in such a manner that the desired bearing properties are attained. These are validated in lab-tests based on practical experience in order to optimize the materials.
These tests validate the bearing system consisting of shaft, bearing and ambient conditions.

dry-tech® test laboratory In the dry-tech® test laboratory about 135 trillion movement tests are conducted every year.

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