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Examination of wear against a customer's shaft made of 1.4034

Since the application run-time of iglide® Z required by a customer on a shaft made of 1.4034 steel could not be reached, we re-enacted this case in our test lab in order to find a more suitable iglide® material.
These were shafts, such as those used by the customer, made from the material 1.4034. Then different plain bearings were tested against these shafts, in order to obtain a better combination with the shaft material.
The wear comparison was carried out under the following test parameters:Force: 3,626 psi
Speed: 0.039 f/s
Run-time: 100 h
Shaft: 1.4034
Plain bearing materials: iglide® Z, iglide® J350, iglide® P210, igus® development material, DU with PTFE layer

Examination of wear against customer's shaft Rotating wear


The lowest wear rate could be achieved in combination with an iglide® material still under development. The best among those available is the iglide® J350 material. With a wear rate of 26.8 µm, the iglide® J350 bearing has less wear than iglide® Z by more than 33%.

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