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iglide® RN289 as a material with the lowest degree of deformation

iglide® RN289

iglide® RN289 as a material with the lowest degree of deformation when used in the form of a guide and motion roller for curtains.
B-14595 rollers made of iglide® materials are often used for guiding stage curtains. Due to the stationary load during rest phases, these rollers normally become deformed in such a way that their rolling capabilities are restricted. With the aim of countering this effect, this situation was reproduced in the igus® test laboratory and different iglide® materials were tested with regard to their deformation when subjected to a stationary load over a long period of time.

iglide® RN289 Y= Roller height [mm]
X= Load duration [hours]

Test result:

When the load was removed, the iglide® material RN289 displays the lowest degree of geometrical deformation compared to its original condition. This material is therefore the best one for use as a guide and motion roller.

Test laboratory - quality from igus®

Quality from the igus® experimental laboratory:

Applications involving high cycle counts, speeds and accelerations or demanding environmental conditions require proven systems providing durable and reliable operation, especially when it comes to energy chains, cables as well as polymer slide bearings and linear systems. igus® conducts tests continuously in the in-house laboratory under real life applications. Every year, we conduct more than 2000 tests on e-chains® and cables, and over 5000 tests on slide bearings . The focus of our tests are tensile strengths and shear forces. Coefficients of friction, wear, driving forces and abrasion under extremely different conditions and speeds. Influence coefficients such as dirt, weathering, low temperature, or impacts and shocks are tested

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