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iglidur SG03 plain bearing and thrust washer with felt seal

... High performance for high volumes ...

iglidur® Z4 - for high room temperatures and other extreme conditions

Extremely high compressive strength coupled with high elasticity enables iglidur® Z4 bearings to attain their prominent features in association with soft shafts, edge loads and impacts. At the same time, the bearings are suitable for temperatures up to +250°C. iglidur® Z4 was developed in particular for especially price-sensitive applications where the bearing material still had to meet high requirements.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Good wear results in pivoting applications in combination with medium loads
  • Especially well-suited for use on aluminium HC and V2A shafts

Cost down

Cost down

  • Maintenance-free properties reduce costs for lubrication and maintenance
  • Low coefficient of friction and wear
  • Cost-effective due to injection moulding



  • Comparison price dimension SM-2023-20: iglidur® Z €1.22/pc., iglidur Z4 €1.00/pc.
  • Service life can be calculated online



  • Environmentally friendly as no additional lubricants needed
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore a long service life
igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic.

What are iglidur® materials made of?

All iglidur materials consist of three components: base polymers, fibres and fillers, solid lubricants, whereby the bearings made of iglidur materials are maintenance-free and lubrication-free. As it is not possible for one universal material to fulfil all tasks equally well, there are different iglidur materials. Each has a different composition of the three components and a different application area.

Base polymers

iglidur base polymers

The base polymers are responsible for the iglidur materials' wear resistance. They ensure that the lubricants are not subjected to a surface pressure that is too high.  

Fibres and fillers

iglidur base polymers with fibres

These components strengthen the materials so that they withstand high forces or edge loads and can be used continuously.  

Solid lubricants

USP picture

They lubricate components made of iglidur materials independently and prevent friction. They are distributed in the entire material in the form of microscopic particles.

Short news presentation of iglidur Z4​ material

Consulting for Z4 plain bearings

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What is iglidur?

iglidur plain bearings under scrutiny

What do iglidur materials consist of? 
What is behind the self-lubrication effect? Learn more about the functionality of iglidur plain bearings.

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