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Linear Screw Actuators: drylin® HTS

The drylin® product portfolio provides self-lubricating linear axes that are driven either by trapezoidal thread, steep thread or toothed belt. The user can choose a suitable individual solution from lightweight solid plastic units up to massive stainless steel solutions. In all systems, the stroke length is freely selectable and the drive implemented either via hand wheel or motor.


Main body made of stainless steel, aluminum, zinc or plastic


Self-lubricating through polymer bearings and polymer nuts


3 shaft materials


Carriages made of anodized aluminum or solid polymer


8 trapezoidal thread pitches 4 steep thread pitches


Spindle machining according to drawings or spindle pin Steel, stainless steel or aluminum spindles
Position indicator, clamping and hand wheels available

HTS system

Technical data

Glider material: iglide® J
Shaft materials: Aluminum, hard-anodized
Stainless steel
Spindle material: Steel
Stainless steel
Aluminum, hard-anodized

drylin® HTS linear screw actuator configurator

Configure custom lead screw actuator
HTS configurator  

With the drive technology configurator, you can quickly and easily configure your individual drylin® HTS leadscrew module.

With immediate display of weight, price & delivery time

Dimension drawing

3D CAD file

When to use it?

For format adjustments

In extreme environments

When a cost-effective, ready-to-install solution is desired

When corrosion resistance is required

When it should be low noise

When not to use it?

When high loads should move highly dynamically

When positioning accuracy < 0.1 mm is necessary

If high running performance is required in continuous operation

drylin® HTS drive technology
HTS Standard  
HTS – the standard

Solid design

Three different installation sizes

Various materials for shaft and spindle

Maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant

TR 10 x 2, TR 18 x 4, TR 24 x 5

HTS-PL "Preload"

Prestressed trapezoidal nut, pretension force: 11.2 lbf

Manually and continuously adjustable radial clearance

Tapered off spindle end enables operation by rotary knob or motor

HTSC Compact

High flexibility

Ideal for 2 carriages

Maintenance-free, self lubricating

Adjustable bearing clearance

HTSS High speed

Pitch 10 x 12, 10 x 50, 18 x 100

Steep-threaded spindle


Maintenance-free, self lubricating

Lift table  
HTS leadscrew table with quick release

Aluminum version

For fast format adjustments

Brake by interlocking included

Freely selectable stroke lengths

HTS ZB - Zero-backlash threaded nut in linear axis

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

High precision independent of load



Resistant to corrosion

HTS-BB leadscrew systems with ball-bearing mounted spindle

Higher RPMs, increased precision

Belt drive permits radial loads

Constant torque

Reduced axial clearance

HTS – HTX high temperature

High temperature til +356°F

Shaft and spindle made of stainless steel

Bearing material iglide® T500

Carriage and traverses made of anodized aluminum

HTSC - HYD Hygienic Design

Easy-to-rinse solution

Bolted connections are easily accessible and generously designed for clearances

Materials: Plastic and VA stainless steel

drylin® HTSP drive technology "light"
HTSP mini  
HTSP mini - small and low-priced

Miniature version

Very low weight

Very low priced


Carriages and shaft end supports

made of high-performance polymers

HTSP - Economical

Solid polymer design

Low weight

Low cost


HTSP leadscrew system with quick release

Lighter solid polymer model

For fast format adjustments

Brake by interlocking included

Freely selectable stroke lengths

drylin® - XY-tables
HTS/HTS-PL - cross slide

High precision, extreme stiffening and precise alignment through CNC production

Available as standard and preload version

Mounting of upper unit with right or left alignment possible

Ready-to-connect drylin® drive system for step motor
HTS Accessories  
HTS accessories for motor connections

Fast and easy coupling of your motor with the maintenance-free drylin® linear units. Spacer, motor flange and coupling form a construction kit for the easy installation of your NEMA23.

drylin® accessories
drylin® accessories for linear modules

Hand wheels, V-drives, spindle clamps, position indicators, and more

drylin E  
drylin® E - product overview

The consistent continuation of the modular system and the systematic idea of self-lubricating drylin® linear technology

drylin® SLW drive technology

Torsion resistant aluminum dual shaft rails and many carriage versions characterise the drylin® W product range, and form a well rounded modular kit for the drylin® SLW linear drives.

drylin® SLW drive technology    

DryLin® SLW

DryLin® SLW - System advantages at a glance

DryLin® SLW    

DryLin® product finder

Product finder for leadscrew systems, toothed belt axes and tube adjustments.

DryLin® product finder