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Clamp chain preserves giant hose

Customized special purpose machines for model- and mold-making

Particularly high demands are placed on the work piece machining, especially in model- and mold-making. Customized machine concepts are often needed, since the space requirements of customers usually leave little room for maneuvering. The versatile energy supply systems display their strengths in these challenging tasks. Even a voluminous suction hose is safely routed. "Customized CNC machining centers for wood, plastic and light metal processing are our specialty," explains the Head of Construction, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schell, of the Trima Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH in Zeulenroda-Triebes. From its site in Thuringia, they are sent all over the world. "Our profession is special mechanical engineering for virtually all applications. " With its many years of experience in the construction of CNC special machines, the company has firmly established itself in the wood, aluminum and plastics sectors. Trima develops and manufactures customized special solutions, for example, for windows, stairs and interior fittings, doors and furniture manufacturing, semicircular arch processing, carvings, toys, special parts and much more.

The 3-m high CNC machining center for model- and mold-making from Trima, Zeulenroda-Triebes (Thuringia). High-precision machining of, among other things, wood, plastic and light metal work pieces: the 3-m high CNC machining center for model- and mold-making from Trima, Zeulenroda-Triebes (Thuringia). Four energy chains are used in the X, Y and Z axes.

High-precision CNC machining centers

One of the focuses of the company is the development of CNC machining centers for model- and mold-making. These are mainly used in applications with high-precision work piece machining in both single and batch production. These machining centers master even the most demanding work on spatial bodies with absolute reliability. "It is an extremely universal machine concept by which both wood and plastic and also light metals and other typical modeling materials can be machined. ", clarifies Schell, the construction manager. Despite the elaborate design, standard parts are usually used in the customized machines. In the process, rugged plastic energy chains prove themselves to be reliable guides for the cables.

Suction tube, guided and protected in a clamp chain. The chips are not the problem here, but the wood dust. It should not catch fire under any circumstances. Instead of an expensive, complex complete housing, Trima chose a giant suction hose, guided and protected by a clamp chain.

"Since we do not manufacture ready-made and have no fixed components, the expert advice in the design phase plays a particularly large role for us," says Michael Schell. "Especially in special mechanical engineering, the machines should run smoothly from the start under all conceivable operating conditions. And that also applies naturally for the used components such as energy supply systems. " The company TRIMA employs about 110 people. "We can refer to a wealth of knowledge and a longstanding tradition in mechanical engineering for the most varied applications," says Michael Schell. "Through our own development and design department and the high manufacturing penetration, we offer our customers intelligent and economical solutions from a single source. " A comprehensive service ensures the high operational capability of our systems. "We work closely with our customers to analyze their products and production requirements. Then we build exactly the machines that meet their requirements. “

energy chain® of the Series "E4/light" in clamp version The energy chain of the Series "E4/light" in the clamp version accommodates the bulky suction hose with a diameter of 300 mm.

5-axis system for foundry pattern making

The machining centers for the model- and mold-making are in principle provided with 3- or 5-axis systems. The emphasis will be mainly on the 5-axis system in the future, which offers even more variability in use. In a recent project for the foundry pattern making, a 5-axis machine with gimbal head customized for particularly tight horizontal space is used. This reaches every corner of the work piece without any collision. A machine of this kind offers the user a very wide range of applications especially in model-making. Since the machining of small and very small contours takes a lot of time, it works in a 24-hour operation, i.e. the machine operates independently overnight without an operator on site. The requirements on the components used are correspondingly high. The drives have to operate reliably, and the spindle should not heat up.
There is a labeling system on the 5-axis head as another equipment detail, by which a nesting is carried out.

Suction hose instead of expensive housing

With a component or passage height of 500 mm, the customized machining center is altogether 3 m high. The travel distance in the X-axis amounts to 4.100 mm, in the Y-axis 2.600 mm, and in the Z-axis 1.000 mm. In the operation, speeds of up to 1 m/s with an acceleration of 5 m/s2 is implemented. Vacuum clamping devices that are universally used on the machine table provide the necessary flexibility while machining the parts. In this case it is used primarily for woodworking; the suction plays an extremely important role here. "The chips are not the problem in this environment, but the wood dust. It should not catch fire under any circumstances," explains the construction manager. A complete enclosure would be the safest, but also the most expensive solution. "For cost reasons, we have opted for a suction hose. " In order to do this safely and neatly, it has been housed in a special energy supply system as a customized solution. "This makes the machine even look pretty. “

Clamp version for large diameter hose

Even at first glance, the bulky suction hose with a length of over 6 m and a diameter of 300 mm immediately appeals to the eye. "Because of the large diameter, a safe routing is not possible in a 'normal' energy chain," clarifies Michael Schell. "In addition, there is the space constraint for the customer. Therefore we searched for a solution together with our contact person on site and found it promptly. " An energy chain of Series "E4/light" from the huge modular kit containing 70,000 parts for energy chains, is used in the clamp version for the gentle, safe routing of the hose. This is suitable for hoses with an outer diameter up to 300 mm. The clamps are mounted directly on the side plate and ensure an optimum hose and cable routing. The crossbars are so rigid that without additional structural elements they ensure a secure routing over the entire travel length even with load.

Stable clamp chain The clamp chain is so stable that they also carry a second energy chain with all electrical cables safely on the Y-axis.

Large modular kit, stable and cable-friendly

A total of four
energy supply systems are used in the machining center: the universal chain "E4-1" for the X-axis, the Series
"E2/000" in the Y-axis and "E4/light" in the clamp version as well as another energy chain of the Series "E2/000" in the Z-axis. With the Series "E4.1" that snap-open on both sides, almost all applications can be implemented. A special design feature on the Y-axis is that the energy supply system with all electric cables runs within the clamp chain. This is so stable that in addition to the bulky suction hose they can also safely carry the "E2/000" chain with the cables. "And in this way we also save a lot of space," adds Michael Schell. For all built-in energy chains, Trima generally uses separators. These shelving elements guarantee a long service life for the cables in the harsh everyday life, thanks to their rounded contours, and keep them always on line. So, there is no slipping or entwining of the routed cables.

E4/light energy chain "E4/light" with clamps made of tribologically optimized plastic for the gentle routing of hose applications.

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