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flizz® system for automated storage-and-retrieval

Safe and quiet at high speeds

Micro flizz® is igus®’ name for its compact, space-saving enclosed trough cable carrier system, which has been designed for storage-and-retrieval units in high-bay warehouses, industrial roller shutters, or workstation equipment in which hand tools must be used. The design allows extremely rapid accelerations and high operating speeds.

A specially designed cable carrier runs in an aluminum guide channel and supplies electricity to moving load through a rolling and/or glide carriage running below. Users can choose from a range of different chain widths, heights and bending radii, according to the application. A data cable can also be combined with power cables or pneumatic hoses, for example. The system offers a significant advantage for automated storage-and-retrieval systems, which can pull objects from shelves with a pneumatically operated gripper. If more cables need to be accommodated, the Micro flizz® system can be operated with two cable carriers, with each one running in opposite directions within the same channel.

Micro flizz® cable carrier system Low-noise operation: plastic-spring design lowers vibrations and noise.

Special side wings

The Micro flizz® cable carrier design is completely unique. The individual chain links have little side wings of less than an inch, which fold out and hold the entire cable carrier in a slot in a fully extended position. As soon as the chain bends, the side wings turn flat and release the chain to traverse around the radius without hindrance. By fixing the upper run, the chain is prevented from falling on the floor of the guide channel or from gliding on the lower chain run at the bottom. The chain will therefore not buckle at high speeds up to 19.6 ft/s or under extreme accelerations. Another highlight: there is a small plastic spring in every chain link, which absorbs the movement of the cable carrier, preserving the system by lowering vibrations and making the Micro flizz® quieter.

Micro flizz®  cable carrier system As soon as the cable carrier bends in the radius, the side wings turn flat, releasing it to move freely.

Test results speak for themselves

Stretches of up to 200 feet are already in the test phase. Test results so far confirm a practically wear-free operation at just over a million cycles (3,700 miles) and at a speed of 13 ft/sec. The Micro flizz® runs reliably and has so far exceeded all expectations.

Micro flizz® cable carrier system 6 parallel Micro flizz® cable carrier systems in endurance test. Tested service life so far is almost 1 million cycles at 13 ft/s, which corresponds to a glide path of over 3,700 miles.

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