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Cable carrier system used instead of cable drum

Smooth operation at this sewage treatment plant since the year 2000

Cable carrier instead of conventional solution

This sewage treatment plant decided against a conventional cable drum solution and opted for an igus® LBT flizz® cable carrier system instead. The result: the system has been operating without any interruptions since the year 2000.

In the final clarifiers, sludge settles and is collected by longitudinal scrapers which operate at speeds of 3.3 ft/min, 24 hours a day, 256 days a year. Originally, a cable drum was used, but this solution contributed to increased wear.

Suitable for adverse environmental conditions

With LBT flizz®, igus® offers a weather-resistant cable carrier system that can be adapted for different application conditions via its modular design. All components and parts are protected against corrosion thanks to the closed-top trough, which prevents snow or leaves from getting in and contributes to a smooth operation. Very aggressive gases like the hydrosulfide mixture that emerge during the wastewater treatment do not disrupt the operation of the flizz® system. The worst case scenario would be if the chain froze at temperatures below 32° F, leading plant operations to shutdown. However, LBT flizz® is not affected in such conditions due to the design of the cable carrier system.

Cable drum solution at sewage treatment plant The previous solution: cable drum.

Maintenance costs reduced drastically

125 feet of guide trough was installed on the final clarifier. The cables are about 66 feet long; besides the electrical cables for the three pumps and mobile motor, 16 communication cables and a special bus cable are accommodated in the trough. igus® chainflex® continuous-flex cables from the CF9, CF10 and CF31 series have a TPE outer jacket and can be used in temperatures ranging from -13°F to +212°F with a minimum bending radii of 5xd. Series E2 ( was used for the cable carrier. The system has been working without any problems since its installation.

energy chain cable carrier Minimal friction of the energy chain cable carrier, thanks to the glide bar integrated in the profile

LBT flizz®: Tested and proven in many applications

Due to the system’s rugged design, many other potential applications have already been put into practice, for instance on a rain overflow basin or on harbor cranes. Moreover, the components are resistant to common chemicals, fat and solvents, so can be used by manufacturers and operators of galvanic equipment and other chemical engineering plants.

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