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Solutions with igus® energy chain systems

A sample of energy chain cable carrier solutions, including long travel, short-unsupported, rotary, underwater, low-noise, high-acceleration, high-speed, cleanroom, vertical, and nested applications.

Long travel cable carrier Rol-e-chain® cable carriers are used in this long travel (1,448 feet) application. This cable carrier design has integrated rollers to facilitate travel over greater distances.
High load cable carrier High load application (40 pounds per foot) using System E4 cable carriers.
Multi-axis cable carriers energy chain cable carriers from the triflex® series move through three dimensions in this production line.
Underwater cable carrier Cable carrier used underwater.
Cable carrier on tooling machine: combined motion readychain® pre-assembled cable carriers work in unison on these tooling machines
High speed cable carrier Series E6.52 energy chain used in this high speed (49 feet per second) application offer a particularly quiet operation.
High acceleration cable carrier This crash test unit puts energy chains through their paces: 72 feet per second speeds and 2,572 feet per second accelerations.
Multi-axis cable carrier on robot Complex movements on a robot supplied by a triflex® R multi-axis cable carrier for combined movements through three dimensions.
Multi-axis cable carriers in cleanroom triflex® R multi-axis cable carriers (colored white) are used in this cleanroom environment.
Cable carriers for large conduits System E2 and E2 energy chains featuring extension links so that they can house large conduits, cables, hoses.
Cable carrier in zigzag motion Zigzag movements from 118 feet high with a System E4/4 energy chain.
Low noise cable carriers System E6 energy chains have a special construction which is ideal for high accelerations and ESD (electrostatic discharge) compatibility.
Unsupported cable carrier Unsupported application using System E4/0.
Unsupported side-mounted cable carrier Unsupported, side-mounted E4 Series R188 energy chain.
Nested cable carriers Unsupported application, with nested System E4/0.
Gliding cable carrier System E4 in a gliding application over a 1,640 feet travel.
Gliding side-mounted cable carrier Gliding, side-mounted application using Series E4/4.
Gliding cable carrier application Gliding application using System E4 energy chain cable carriers.
Vertical standing cable carrier Vertical, standing application using Series E4/Light. Up to 20 foot travel possible.
Rotary cable carrier Rotary motion application using twisterchain.
Zipper cable carriers side by side energy chain cable carriers from the Zipper Chain series operate side by side.
Vertical hanging cable carrier Vertical, hanging Series E4 cable carrier. Up to 131 foot travel possible.
Rotary movement cable carrier Rotary movement using System E4 cable carriers.
Combined movements with cable carriers Different movements using the same triflex® cable carriers are featured in this application.