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Chemical resistance

Medium Concentration
Weight %
Igumid G
and NB
Acetone 100 A
Formic acid (aqueous) 2 B
Ammonia (aqueous) 10 A
Benzene 100 A
Benzole 100 A
Bitumen 100 B
Boric acid (aqueous) 10 A
Butter acid 100 B
Calcium chloride (aqueous) Sat. aq. sol. A
Chlorinated hydrocarbons    
Chlorine water Sat. aq. sol. C
Chromic acid (aqueous) 1 B
Diesel oil 100 A
Iron II cyanide 30 B
Acetic acid 2 A
Color   A
Fat, nutrient fat   A
Fluorocarbons   A
Formaldehyde (aqueous) 30 B
Hydraulic oils   A
Caustic potash 10 A
Potassium carbonate (aqueous) 60 A
Potassium sulphate (aqueous) 100 A
Methyl acetate 100 A
Milk   A
Mineral oil   A
Sodium carbonate (aqueous) 50 A
Oil , salade oil   A
Oil, lubricating oil   A
Oleic acid 100 A
Paraffin oil   A
Perchlorethylene 100 A
Polyester resins (with styrene)   A
Propane gas   A
Mercury   A
Hydrochloric acid pH2 B
Hydrochloric acid 2 C
Hydrochloric acid 10 D
Ink   A
Vaseline   A
Wine acid   B
Zinc sulfate (aqueous) 10 A

Resistance classes

A: Resistant
B: Conditionally resistant
C: partially resistant
D: non-resistant
E: soluble
Sat. aq. sol.: saturated aqueous solution
Conc.h.s.: Concentrated hydrous solution

The values specified are values determined by laboratory tests and are material-specific.
All specifications apply to black energy chain cable carriers.