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Technical environment - clean room & ESD cable carriers

Safe and Clean with igus® energy chains

igus® goes clean room - qualification of E6 and other igus® energy chains

The already minimal wear experienced by an igus® energy chain cable carrier when in operation is reduced even further when used in partnership with specialist materials. In many applications where cumbersome special solutions are often used, a simple standard energy chain can be used instead. An extensive test program has been completed for both gliding and unsupported applications. For many applications, the special material energy chain cable carriers operate with practically no wear. The IPA tests confirm that the standard energy chain from igus® is sufficient for clean room requirements. Clean room environments demand very high wear resistance from moving parts. An energy chain must be extremely wear resistant in order to fulfill the standard requirements of this sensitive environment. IPA Fraunhofer Institute has tested igus® Series E6 and E14 as follows:

ISO class 2, as per stringent norm DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for Series EasyChain® E14.3.038 at v= 3.3 ft/s

ISO class 3, as per stringent norm DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for System E6, Series E6.29.050 at v=3.3 and 6.6 ft/s

ISO class 4, as per stringent norm DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for System E4, Series 280.100 at v = 6.6 ft/s

Test setup "Cleanroom" with E14.3.038.0
particle generation measurement

Test setup "ESD" with E6.
field strength measurement

clean room cable carrier

Measurement result:
Particle generation E14.3.038.0

cable carrier e6

Measurement result:
Field strength E6.

ISO cable carrier
ESD cable carrier

Classification chart

Class per DIN
EN ISO 14644-1
Equivalent to
VDI 2083
Equivalent to
US Fed.Std. 209E
ISO class 1 no comparable classification no comparable classification
ISO class 2 no comparable classification no comparable classification*
ISO class 3 class 1 class 1**
ISO class 4 class 2 class 10
ISO class 5 class 3 class 100
ISO class 6 class 4 class 1.000
ISO class 7 class 5 class 10.000
ISO class 8 class 6 class 100.000
* Classification E14.3.038.0 at v = 3.3 ft/s ** Classification E6. at v = 3.3 ft/s and v = 6.6 ft/s

clean room cable carriers

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