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Cable carrier load diagram use for unsupported, short travels

important cable carrier information

Important information

Fill weight - Weight of all cables and hoses, including contents (for media hoses) within the energy chain, typically given [kg/m]

FLG - unsupported energy chain cable carriers with straight upper run

FLB - unsupported energy chain with permitted sag

To the right of the FB graph of the diagram, the application is shown in "critical sag", which must be avoided!

These values are essential for: Finding a suitable energy chain cable carrier for your fill weight and travel distance. Identifying the max. load for the selected energy chain. If you cannot meet your application demands using these parameters, keep in mind these specifications are conservative maximum values.
In individual cases, they can be exceeded by up to 30%. Special solutions are also possible. Please consult igus®

The maximum travel - always amounts to 2 x FLG or FLB if the fixed end is in the center of the travel. In this case, the following applies:
energy chain length: Lk = S/2 + K
S = Length of travel
R = Bending radius
H = Nominal clearance height
HF = Required clearance height
K = π * R + "safety"
Add-on for bending radius (K is taken from the data tables of the individual igus® Series)

Unsupported Straight FLG - small, medium energy chains

cable carrier unsupported length

Unsupported Sag FLB - small, medium energy chains

travel of cable carriers

Unsupported Straight FLG - large energy chains

unsupported cable carrier

Unsupported Sag FLB - large energy chains

unsupported sag of cable carrier

Diagram Series:

You will find both diagrams for each Series listed individually in the catalog!