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System E6 Cable Carrier Applications

The low noise cable carrier design

System E6 cable carriers are wear resistant and extremely low noise. They are suitable for both cleanroom and ESD applications.

Application examples:

High-speed sheet feeding

igus® cable carriers used on high-speed sheet feeder

Cleanroom technology

Cable carriers for cleanroom put to the test

More application examples:

Cable carrier on digital printer System E6 cable carrier system quickly moves cables and ink tubes back and forth in this digital printer, with extremely low noise levels. Load: 4.4 lbs, speed: 6/6 ft/s, acceleration: 65.6 ft/s2, 6,050 cycles per day.
E6 on automatic extraction system System E6 on an automatic-extraction system. The tool opens, grips on and closes: all in 0.25 seconds. Speeds = 26.2 ft/s, Accelerations = 257.5 ft/s2.
cable carrier for robot System E6 cable carrier mounted horizontally and vertically on a portal robot. Reduced noise and vibrations.
Nested E6 cable carriers Nested E6 cable carriers. Reduced vibration and improved accuracy.
E6 cable carrier on extraction robot System E6 cable carriers on a CD cover extraction robot at accelerations of 257.5 ft/s².

Cable carrier applications

energy chain application examples by industry and cable carrier design.