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igus® E6 cable carriers

High-speed sheet feeder makes high demands on cable carrier systems

These pressing plants are used worldwide by most leading automotive manufacturers. Using the latest linear motor technology, they set new standards in performance and speed. Correspondingly high demands are made on the cable carrier system, which the company purchases exclusively from igus®.

Enormous leap in performance

By using the latest linear motor technology, speeds up to 19.7 ft/s are achieved in the horizontal axis - which is almost double the speed of a belt-driven feeder - and 6.6 ft/s in the vertical axis, with loads up to 551 lbs. The acceleration rate of up to 65.6 ft/s² is around two times that of a conventional feeder.

With the high horizontal speeds and the elimination of a belt drive, the feeder can also bridge very long distances quickly, resulting in entirely new layout possibilities for the plant. For one cutting press’ sheet feeder, a blank loader was designed and supplied with a normal operation cycle of 6.6 to 8.2 feet. In tooling replacement, the axis covers 42.6 feet. Such travels are not possible with belt drives using this kind of high precision or dynamics.

Handling unit using cable carrier Handling unit for the blank loader using a linear drive. The cable carriers for the horizontal axis are situated at the front of the handling unit.

High dynamics: E6 cable carrier system

To achieve these results, the cable management system has to be directly aligned with the high speeds and accelerations involved. A continuous, reliable supply of energy, compressed air, coolants and control information must be guaranteed over long distances.

igus® E6 series energy chains are used in the blank loaders and also in other handling systems run with linear technology. These cable carriers have proved themselves in many highly dynamic applications and can cope with high stressing.

The E6 series offers numerous advantages. Besides long service life, it is distinguished by an extremely low-noise, low-vibration operation due to its special construction and so is highly suitable for linear-motor applications. The large product range for E6 means an optimum chain size can be selected for every application and a large range of interior separations and mounting options exist.

Handling units using E6 cable carrier If two handling units are placed on one portal axis, speed can be increased again.

Technical data:

- Speed up to 19.7 ft/s
- Acceleration 65.6 ft/s
- Travels up to 42.7 ft

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